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Hem Node Lions Day with the United Nations (LDUN)

Lions Day with the United Nations

Lions Clubs International will celebrate 75 years of partnership with the United Nations during Lions Day with the United Nations (LDUN). This virtual event will commemorate our long-standing relationship as a consultative NGO to the UN dating back to 1945 when Lion leaders were asked to help develop the NGO charter for the UN.

Be a Part of Our Global Partnership

Join Lions, Leos, UN diplomats, dignitaries and other guests in the global conversation about this year’s theme, “Connected Through Service.” #LDUN

A Look Back at LDUN 2020


With a theme of “Peace and International Understanding,” Lions Day with the United Nations events took place in New York City.

This important advocacy event brought together delegates from 26 countries and featured keynote speeches by UN dignitaries, Lions, and Leos.

Highlights included the announcement of the International Peace Poster and Essay Contest Winners, testimony on Lions service after 9/11 and a performance by Belinda Williams.