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Lions Day with the United Nations

Lions Clubs International will celebrate 76 years of partnership with the United Nations during Lions Day with the United Nations (LDUN). This event commemorates our long-standing relationship as a consultative NGO to the UN dating back to 1945, when Lion leaders were asked to help develop the NGO charter for the UN.


Be a Part of Our Global Partnership

Join Lions, Leos, UN diplomats, dignitaries and other guests in the global conversation about this year’s theme, “NGO Impact on Global Health.” #LDUN

A Look Back at LDUN 2021


With a theme of “Connected Through Service,” Lions Day with the United Nations was held virtually for the first time ever. It was the largest LDUN ever, with 5,620 Lions, Leos and guests from 140 countries attended. 

If you missed the LDUN 2021 virtual event, you can view it online