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Club branch

Club branches help clubs diversify their membership and allow people who may not be inclined to join the parent club to serve as Lions.

Requirements for starting a club branch


Club branch members are part of an existing parent club but may hold independent meetings and activities. The parent club appoints a branch liaison to serve as the go-between for the parent and the club branch, giving club branches the autonomy they may desire. Starting a club branch requires:

  • At least 5 new or existing members
  • An existing club willing to engage these members as a branch of their club
  • A member of the parent club to serve as branch liaison
  • Notification sent to the district governor

Revitalizing clubs with new members


A club branch offers flexibility in participation and may attract different types of Lions, like young professionals or working parents with young children. Club branches can also unite people with diverse service interests and form a specialty club branch. These resources can help you get started.

Additional resources


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Club branch resources

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