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Start a Leo Club

Make a Difference: Sponsor a Leo Club.

Sponsoring a Leo club provides Lions with opportunities to mentor and empower young leaders while fostering a commitment to community service. Through involvement with a Leo club, Lions can energize and inspire members and even increase the sponsoring club's community exposure, attracting potential members such as young professionals, students, parents and families.

Does your Lions club want to sponsor a Leo club? Follow the six steps below to organize a new Leo club in your community. 

Step 1: Establish a Framework
Determine if the new Leo club will be community or school-based, Alpha (ages 12-18) or Omega (ages 18-30).

Step 2: Identify Potential Leos
Obtain the names of potential Leos from schools, universities, colleges, houses of worship, youth groups, friends and relatives.

Step 3: Invite Prospective Leos to an Informational Meeting
Explain the philosophy of the Leo Club Program and answer questions concerning: requirements for Leo club membership, the relationship to the sponsoring Lions club and Leo service activities. Distribute the Alpha Application for Leo Club Membership (Leo50-A) or Omega Application for Leo Club Membership (Leo50-O) and invite interested youth to join the Leo club.

Step 4: Host a Formation Meeting
Organize a Leo club formation meeting to elect Leo club officers, discuss potential projects, accept The Leo Club Constitution and Bylaws and determine the place and time for club meetings.

Step 5: Complete Required Paperwork
Complete the Leo Club Organization Report (Leo-51) with proper signatures. Attach a list with the names of the club's founding members and return it to the Leo Club Program Department. The entire certification process can take four to six weeks.

Step 6: Plan an Installation Ceremony
Once the Leo Club Organization Report form has been approved, the sponsoring Lions club should launch the Leo club with an installation ceremony, presenting the Certificate of Organization and installing Leo club officers.

Financial Obligation

Leo Club Organization Fee
The Leo club organization fee is US$100 or the national currency equivalent. This one-time fee includes:

  • The costs involved in processing the Leo Club Organization Report
  • A Certificate of Organization
  • A Leo club officers' kit
  • A Leo club sponsor kit
  • Leo lapel pins for each original Leo club member

Leo Club Sponsor Levy
Lions clubs are also billed an annual Leo club sponsor levy of US$100 or the national currency equivalent. The levy pays for Leo Club Program materials, mailings, club record maintenance, communications, awards and program resources. If a Leo club is canceled, the Leo Club Termination Form (Leo-86) must be received by the Leo Club Program Department by October 31 to receive levy credit for the current year only.