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Since 2002, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has partnered with Johnson & Johnson Vision to implement the largest-known, school-based eye health program, Sight for Kids. The program mobilizes Lions and eye care professionals to provide comprehensive eye health services in low-income schools, currently in seven locations throughout the world; Thailand, Philippines, Kerala, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Florida, and Kenya. The program provides teachers with training to deliver eye health education, perform a visual acuity test, and screen for common eye conditions. Students identified with potential vision impairment or eye ailments are referred to healthcare providers for evaluation.

Real Impact: By the Numbers


This program has created tremendous impact in communities worldwide. Today, LCIF and our partners at Johnson & Johnson Vision have proudly achieved multiple successes, including:


students screened around the world


students reached annually


pairs of eyeglasses provided to children in need


students treated


teachers engaged

Sight for Kids: Empowering Communities Across the Globe

Sight for Kids has created immense depth and reach through multiple active project sites in countries around the world. Lions in other countries, such as Germany, have piloted innovative ways to implement Sight For Kids in their communities. Project sites over the last five years include:


India – Hyderabad, Kochi, and Kolkata





United States of America

Offering Solutions


Through Sight for Kids, communities are equipped with the critical tools they need to provide children with clear and healthy vision. The program aims to provide comprehensive eye health care solutions which consist of six simplified steps:


Lions coordinate with ministries of health and education, referral facilities, local hospital networks, and schools to train teachers and volunteers.


Lions work with hospitals and central training institutes to organize training events in which teachers, volunteers, and Lions are educated on eye health and equipped with the proper materials that allow them to inform, assess, and refer students accordingly.


Teachers, Lions, and Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) conduct school-based eye health examinations and education for early detection of visual impairment and eye conditions.


Students who exhibit certain symptoms are referred for further medical treatment to well-equipped and leading eye hospitals.


Lions and community members work alongside ECP’s to provide treatment and follow-up in order to close the loop for children requiring additional care.


Students are provided access to high quality spectacles that are durable, acceptable, comfortable, and affordable.

Responding to a Need


According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 312 million children under the age of 19 have myopia (nearsightedness), and half of these cases remain undetected and untreated. Furthermore, nearly 19 million children worldwide have visual impairments that cannot be corrected by corrective lenses. Three quarters of these children live in the most underserved regions of Asia and Africa, where there is a lack of access to treatment for preventable or treatable conditions. Children without access to eye health services run the risk of difficulty in school, lower quality of life, and even blindness.

In 2002, Lions Clubs International Foundation and Johnson & Johnson Vision offered a solution, establishing Sight For Kids, a first of its kind, school-based eye health program that mobilizes Lions to provide eye health education, high quality vision examinations, and referral access to professional eye care and treatment, including spectacles.