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Campus Lions Club

Charter a Campus Lions club and bring the campus community together to address the unique challenges that face your college campus. Create real change. A Campus club can make an impact on both your local campus community and communities around the world while connecting students, faculty members and business leaders.

To get started, request a Campus Lions Club Kit or download the items below.  To start the new club application, connect to MyLCI.

Student Member Program

Students enrolled in an educational institution and between the age of legal majority and through age 30 can take advantage of the Student Member Program and pay only half international dues. They are also exempt of any charter or entrance fees when they join. Students enrolled in a Campus Lions Club over the age of 30 receive a discount of USD $10.00 on their charter or entrance fee when they join.

Special Extended Billing Adjustment Period

Campus Lions clubs receive an extended billing adjustment period for the semi-annual billing. Campus clubs now have through March 31 for the January per capita billing and through September 30 for the July per capita billing to amend the club roster. Lions Clubs International will give credits to campus clubs for roster adjustments submitted within this time period without penalty.

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A Campus Award Pin is presented to Lions who help form a Campus Lions club, as determined by the district governor. A Campus Banner Patch is awarded to the Lions club who sponsors a new Campus Lions club.

For More Information

To learn more about Campus Lions clubs, please contact Membership Development.