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Club Quality Initiative

Club Quality Initiative CoverClub Quality Initiative is a strategic planning tool to help clubs identify opportunities for improvement. Change is critical for each club.  Change is critical for each club.  By understanding our current operation, identifying areas that may be improved and taking measured steps to accomplish our goals, every club can be even better! 

Three Suggested Ideas for Implementing Club Quality Initiative in Your Club! This flyer reviews the 3 suggested ideas for reviewing the Club Quality Initiative Program in your club.

  • Single Working Session
  • Meeting Series
  • Half Day Workshop

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Trainer Tools

Participant Tools

Assessment 1: Rejuvenate Your Club with New Members

Assessment 2: Revitalize Your Club with New Service Opportunities

Assessment 3: Excel in Leadership Development and Club Operations

Assessment 4: Share Your Club’s Achievements with your Community

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Upon completing the Club Quality Initiative, submit the Final Report and Feedback Form

To request copies of the Club Quality Initiative please contact us by email or phone (630) 468-6810.