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Zone Chairperson Workshop

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Leadership Development Multiple District/District Grant Program

Zone Chairperson Learning Map

Zone and Region Chairperson e-Book

Zone and Region Chairpersons

Certified Guiding Lion Program

Participant Evaluation Form

Pre-session preparation


Instructor Planning Guide: Zone Chairperson Workshop instructors should use this guide to help them prepare to lead the Zone Chairperson Workshop. It contains instructions for setup and other helpful information to lead this workshop.

Zone Chairperson Virtual Delivery Tip Sheet: This document provides guidance to instructors wanting to deliver their Zone Chairperson Workshop virtually.

Preparing for Your Role as Zone Chairperson: This pre-assignment is designed to help Zone Chairperson Workshop attendees gather information prior to attending training. This information will be used in the workshop sessions.

Session Materials

The Role and Responsibilities of the Zone Chairperson

This session provides participants with a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the zone chairperson. Participants will also review key resources, and will identify potential challenges of the position.

Instructor Guide
Participant Manual

Zone Goal Setting and Action Planning

The Zone Goal Setting and Action Planning session is an in-depth exploration of SMART Goal Setting and Action Planning. Participants will have the opportunity to work with goals they have for their zone and district.

Instructor Guide
Participant Manual


The Problem-Solving session focuses on using the 5 Whys Method of problem solving. Participants will walk through how to use this method so they can begin to use it in their zone.

Instructor Guide
Participant Manual

Assessing Club Health

The Assessing Club Health session shows participants how to determine the health of the clubs in their zone.

Instructor Guide
Participant Manual