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The International Association of Lions Clubs has a program of Commercial General Liability Insurance that covers Lions on a worldwide basis. All Clubs and Districts are automatically insured. Through the link below you can produce your own Certificates of Insurance which provide evidence of the automatic coverage provided. You can also view the General Liability Program Summary which describes the automatic coverage afforded, including who is insured by this coverage as well as some coverage basics and exclusions. You can also access a Self-Inspection Checklist which is available for your use when conducting various fundraising activities.

In addition to the automatic coverage mentioned above,  Lions Clubs International now offers Supplemental Insurance Coverage for Clubs and Districts in the United States including Directors & Officers Liability, Crime / Fidelity, Additional Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance.  You can get more information about this program and apply for coverage through the following link:

For questions please contact DSP Insurance Services, Inc. at (847) 934-6100 or (800) 316-6705.