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Diabetes Camps program


More than 1.1 million children and young adults are living with type 1 diabetes. Lions and Leos can help children and young adults living with diabetes by hosting a fun, interactive camp.

The Diabetes Camps program is designed to help enhance the quality of life for young people living with diabetes. This program fosters relationships that will help participants expand their diabetes management skills and increase knowledge of the disease.

What are diabetes camps?

A camp is a program for youth to gather and form a supportive network of peers. Camps help participants improve their diabetes management through educational and physical activities at a site away from home or school.

There are a wide variety of camps, such as day camps, overnight camps and even international exchange camps. Some clubs serve diabetes camps through volunteer hours, camp scholarships and fundraising, or planning and hosting a camp.

Did you know that in the year 2019, Lions and Leos reported 403 service activities in support of diabetes camps?

Diabetes Camps resources

Whether you are starting a diabetes camps program for the first time, trying to improve your program or attempting to restart a program after a long hiatus, the Diabetes Camps Handbook features topics that can help you achieve success — including how to choose a camp venue, diabetes management at camp and much more! You'll also find helpful event ideas in the Half-Day Diabetes Family Event Project Planner.

Diabetes Camps testimonials

"The Diabetes Camps Handbook is useful not only for Lions, but also for the general population living with diabetes as well as those interested in learning more about diabetes."
Lion Mirian Tombini
Brazil, District LD7
"Thanks to LCIF on behalf of Camp Sweet Life for your support of our Minnesota camp for kids with type 1 diabetes! Our mission is to connect, empower and transform kids with type 1 diabetes."
Lion Rene Maes
Minnesota, United States, District 5M2
"Thank you for sharing the Diabetes Camps Handbook! It is a well thought-out and comprehensive resource for ensuring the safety and well-being of the campers."
Lion Eteri Suladze
Republic of Georgia, Undistricted

Report your diabetes camp service

Have you performed service in relation to a diabetes camp? Report your service in the MyLion® section of your Lion Account or your regional reporting system. This information helps us to better support you!