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FVDG/DGE Seminar

The First Vice District Governors/District Governors-Elect (FVDGs/DGEs) Seminar is an intensive multi-day training seminar designed to equip FVDGs/DGEs with the knowledge, vision, and skills necessary to strengthen and build Lions Clubs International. It is organized in two installments, totaling 4 days: days 1-3 are hosted at the Q Center, the largest full-service conference training facility located in St. Charles, Illinois, USA, 30 miles west of Chicago. Day 4 is part of the annual International Convention. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Days 1-3: St. Charles, IL USA

Who: FVDG/DGE only (no spouse or companion)

Seminar dates: February 11-13, 2020
Arrival date: February 10, 2020
Departure date: February 14, 2020

Day 4: Singapore

Who: DGE and spouse/companion

Seminar date: June 26, 2020
Arrival date: June 25, 2020
Departure date: July 1, 2020


Registration & Travel


Below you will find detailed information for the Seminar registration, housing, and travel to the Q Center. After you have read the FVDG/DGE Logistics document, please complete the FVDG/DGE Seminar Registration & Travel Form and return it to the LCI Convention Registration and Housing Department before Monday, October 21, 2019.

You can send the completed FVDG/DGE Registration and Travel Form in one of the following ways:

Email: dgeseminar@lionsclubs.org

Secure Fax: +1-630-571-1689

Lions Clubs International
300 West 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA
Attn: Convention Registration and Housing Department         

If you have questions, please contact LCI at dgeseminar@lionsclubs.org

Please refer to the FVDG/DGE Seminar Registration Logistics Packets and their respective attachments:

Registration Logistics Packet #1
Second Logistics Packet #2 (January 2020)
Final Logistics Packet #3 (May 2020)

Information Package for the 2020 FVDG/DGE Seminar at the Q Center in St. Charles, IL, USA

The FVDG/DGE Seminar at the Q Center in St. Charles, IL is exclusively for the First Vice District Governor/District Governor-Elect. Companions may not attend.

  1. FVDG/DGE Seminar Registration & Travel Form
    a. Procedures for Booking Airfare – USA & Canada
    b. Procedures for Booking Airfare through CWT
    c. Procedures for Booking Airfare – Local Approved Travel Agency
  2. FVDG/DGE Driving Claim Form
  3.  FVDG/DGE Local Transportation Claim Form
  4. FVDG/DGE Invitation Letter Request Form
  5. FVDG/DGE Seminar Schedule at the Q Center in St. Charles, IL
  6. International Convention Schedule
  7. Special Needs Form
Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals

FVDG/DGEs needing to rent a wheelchair or scooter during the FVDG/DGE seminar can receive special pricing through Scootaround. Your wheelchair or scooter will be delivered to the Q Center and ready for you upon your arrival.

Click on the link below to order your wheelchair or scooter online. A major credit card is required.

Wheelchair or Scooter Rental

Be sure to select St. Charles – Illinois as the location and enter the Q Center Address: 1405 N 5th Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174 for the delivery location.

Club Supplies Store at Q Center

For your convenience, DGEs/FVDGs can pre-order items from the Lions Clubs International Store by January 3, 2020, and have their order ready for pick-up at our Club Supplies Store at the Q Center.  A limited selection of official Lions’ merchandise will also be available to purchase at the store.

Complete your order form and email to ecommerce@lionsclubs.org for processing.  



Seminar Online Assignments


FVDG/DGE will be provided online assignments to be completed prior to attending Days 1-3 and Day 4. The courses will be automatically assigned as they become available in the Lions Learning Center (LLC). Click the button below to access the Lions Learning Center through your Lion Account.

Lions Learning Center





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Spouse/Companion Program