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Marketing Grant Program

Share your club’s good work

You and your districts have done incredible things to help your neighbors in need in your communities. Your stories of kindness and compassion will inspire others to join you in service.

That’s why you should apply to the Marketing Grant Program—formerly called the Public Relations Grant Program (PR grants). We updated the name to better represent all the innovative ways that Lions are using grant funding to promote who Lions are and how we serve. The marketing grants support multiple and single district-wide marketing activities, such as advertising, social media, branding and public relations.

Promoting Lions is crucial for growing membership and keeping members engaged and excited about their service. Apply today and let the world know who Lions are and about all the good work that you are doing!

Due to increased interest in the Marketing Grant Program, all grant funding for the 2022-2023 fiscal year has been awarded. We will begin accepting new applications for the 2023-2024 fiscal year starting on July 1, 2023. Thank you again for your interest in this program and for promoting the service of Lions in your community.

Program calendar

July 1
  • New Marketing Grant applications accepted. Program funding refreshes.
July 15
  • Post reports due for grant recipients of the previous fiscal year.
September 30
  • Last date to apply for a Marketing Grant for the current fiscal year.

Funding limits 2023-2024


Provisional Zones

Coordinating Lion must submit the application

  • Maximum Grant Amount: $1,000
  • First Payment Amount: $1,000
  • Second Payment Amount: N/A
  • 10% Match Required: Yes, $100

Provisional Regions

Coordinating Lion must submit the application

  • Maximum Grant Amount: $2,500
  • First Payment Amount: $2,500
  • Second Payment Amount: N/A
  • 10% Match Required: Yes, $250

Other Undistricted Areas

Coordinating Lion must submit the application

  • Maximum Grant Amount: $2,500
  • First Payment Amount: $2,500
  • Second Payment Amount: N/A
  • 10% Match Required: Yes, $250

Single District**

(when not part of an MD)

  • Maximum Grant Amount: $5,000
  • First Payment Amount: $3,500
  • Second Payment Amount: $1,500
  • 10% Match Required: Yes, $500

Multiple District

  • Maximum Grant Amount: $15,000
  • First Payment Amount: $10,000
  • Second Payment Amount: $5,000
  • 10% Match Required: Yes, $1,500

**For multiple districts and single districts only, not a sub-district of a multiple district.

Important program information


Marketing Grant Program activities must impact the entire multiple or single district. Extra consideration will be given to programs that will be conducted by a higher percentage of clubs within the multiple district (MD) or single district (SD). All applications will be reviewed in October by the Marketing Committee for potential impact, reach, value and ability to increase public awareness. To submit your application or for more information, please contact

Top five frequently asked questions

What criteria does the Marketing Committee use when evaluating marketing grant applications? 

Applications and requests for grant funding are reviewed in October and are approved at the sole discretion of the Marketing Committee (MC). The MC subjectively evaluates marketing grant applications on the following criteria: 

  • REACH—Reach refers to the ability to engage a large percentage of external (non-Lion) audiences, such as journalists, media consumers (i.e., television viewers, newspaper readers), social media or website views. 
  • BRAND AWARENESS—Brand awareness involves how prominently and frequently the Lions International brand will be displayed during the proposed grant activities. Examples of brand awareness may include developing advertisements, videos, promotional items or brochures that incorporate the official brand colors, logos or emblem of Lions International.
  • GROWTH—Growth refers to how likely the proposed grant activities will result in securing new members or clubs. 
  • VALUE—The MC will evaluate if the amount of grant funding requested seems appropriate for the proposed grant activities. Please send quotes or budget estimates with your application for consideration whenever possible. 
What type of activities qualify for marketing grant funding? 

Marketing grants may be used to fund public relations, advertising or marketing efforts to external audiences (non-Lions) and members of the media. Marketing grant funding cannot be used for: 

  • Funding service activities (i.e., buying food for a food pantry)
  • Buying club supplies 
  • Cash awards or donations 
  • Internal meetings, training sessions or communications for Lions members only 
  • Purchase of any items or services unrelated to the approved marketing grant activities 

Examples of approved marketing grant funding expenditures could include:

  • Creating brochures or flyers to promote an upcoming service project 
  • Hiring vendors or agencies to conduct PR, marketing, advertising or digital campaigns
  • The purchase of branded giveaways that are handed out to the public at an event 
  • Marketing material production costs, including printing and shipping
  • Video or website production costs 
  • External marketing or public relations efforts that target media professionals or the public 
What is the 10% match? 

All marketing grant recipients must contribute a minimum of a 10% match to their grant award. Please see the funding limits section in the program guidelines for more information The final post report must clearly document evidence of a 10% match. The 10% match must come from funds collected from multiple or single districts, zone, regions or areas and not from donated goods or services.

Our marketing grant application was approved. When will we receive our funding? 

Approved marketing grant applications from single and multiple districts will receive 2/3 of the grant funding upfront. The remaining 1/3 in grant funding will be reimbursed after a complete post report is turned in and all marketing grant activities have concluded. All funds must be spent by June 30 of the fiscal year. Any unspent funds must be returned to Lions Clubs International by July 15 of the following fiscal year.

What do we need to provide in our post report?

Within 30 days of the completion of the project, marketing grant recipients must submit a detailed post report. Grant recipients who do not submit a post report will not be eligible for future marketing grants. A single post report must be received no later than July 15 of the following fiscal year. Post reports consist of the following four sections: 

  1. Project evaluation: Provide a detailed overview of the completed grant-funded activities and if the goals of the project were achieved. 
  2. Project impact: Share all relevant data from your grant activities. Data may include the number of: 
    • New members joined or new clubs formed
    • People served  
    • Audience impressions 
    • News articles secured
    • Website or social media visits
  3. Project financial: This is one of the most important elements of the post report, which requires a detailed accounting record of how the marketing grant funding was spent. All receipts and paid invoices must be submitted along with an itemized financial report in the provided accounting spreadsheet. In this section, you will also show evidence of the required 10% in matching funds. 
  4. Project creative: Attach samples of any produced items. These items might include:
    • Photos from an event
    • Printed flyers or brochures
    • Copies of earned print or broadcast media 
    • Links or screenshots of websites or social media content  
    • Proof of placement of outdoor advertising


Submit your post report

Once you have secured your grant funding and completed your subsequent marketing campaign, please fill out the Marketing Grant Post Report with your project overview, financial information and more.