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Passionate about service but unsure where to begin? Searching for new insight to inspire your club? You’ve come to the right place. The Service Toolkit features resources designed to help you assess, position, and activate your club for greater impact.

Club Quality Initiative

Ready to take your club to the next level? The Club Quality Initiative takes a whole-club approach to identifying, implementing and sustaining improvements to keep clubs performing at the highest level. 

Club and Community Needs Assessment

Looking to calibrate your service for maximum impact? This tool is a great place to start, helping clubs apply their unique strengths and motivation to the needs and opportunities within their local community.

Developing Local Partnerships

We can achieve more when we work together. This guide helps clubs evaluate their strengths, identify their needs, and connect with like-minded organizations in the community for potential partnerships.

Fundraising Guide

Raising funds is a valuable strategy for bringing a community together and increasing the impact of service. This guide helps clubs plan two common types of fundraising campaigns: online fundraisers and event fundraisers.

Why Service Reporting Matters

Reporting helps us innovate our service and share our impact with the world. This document outlines these and other practical benefits for you and your club.

Giving Empowers Service

You can help, too! Your decision to donate to LCIF is a decision to help a community in need. We thank you—and so does the world.