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Global Action Team (GAT) roles and resources

As a member of the GAT, your success is our success. Whether you’re a part of the Global Service Team (GST), Global Membership Team (GMT) or Global Leadership Team (GLT), you’ll find helpful information and resources on this page that will help you better understand your role and make a greater impact. You can also learn more about the GAT by taking the Global Action Team course available in the Lions Learning Center using your Lion Account login credentials.


GAT priorities

Service, membership growth and leadership development are crucial to the success of any Leo or Lions club. To help clubs continue their growth, the GAT has prioritized the following initiatives and opportunities to help districts and clubs reach their goals and find greater success.

Global Membership Approach


The Global Membership Approach provides a process and resources for districts to achieve strong membership growth.

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District Goals


Explore helpful information about developing and executing your district goals.

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Success Story Funding


Learn about GAT Success Story Funding and find out how districts, undistricted areas and Leo districts can receive funds to further their service impact.

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Toolboxes and toolkits

GST Toolbox

The GST champions the service programs, resources and grants of Lions International and LCIF, empowering Lions and Leos around the world to maximize their service impact. The GST Toolbox features information and resources the GST needs to help clubs maximize their impact. Check out the GST Toolbox here.

GMT Toolbox

The GMT supports membership development and growth at the club and district level, and the GMT Toolbox has helpful resources to help the GMT do just that. Check out the GMT Toolbox here.

GLT Toolbox

The GLT promotes leadership development opportunities to Lions and Leos, which in turn positively impacts both our members around the world and our association as a whole. The GLT Toolbox features resources to help leaders navigate the Learn digital tool, information on training grants and much more. Check out the GLT Toolkit here.

Success Story Webinar Toolkit

This toolkit features resources to help leaders host local success story webinars in their areas.

Success Story Webinar Recommended Timeline

Success Story Webinar PPT Template

Success Story Webinar Storytelling Best Practices

Success Story Webinar Presenter Brief

Success Story Webinar Promotional Email Templates

Success Story Webinar Instagram & WhatsApp Advertisement

Success Story Webinar Facebook Advertisement

Success Story Webinar Twitter Advertisement

GAT Ambassador Toolkit

GAT ambassadors include past international presidents, international directors, past international directors and past district governors. The GAT Ambassador Toolkit includes all the tools these ambassadors need to spread the GAT’s message of action and find inspiration to share their own story of service, membership and leadership. Check out the GAT Ambassador Toolkit here.

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You can also check out the GAT staff contact list here to see who makes up the GAT at Lions International headquarters.