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Top Ten Youth Camps and Exchange Chairperson Award

The success of the Youth Camps and Exchange (YCE) Program can be attributed to the unwavering dedication of Lions members around the world who serve as YCE Chairpersons. They not only serve as travel, activity and safety coordinators, but as mentors and confidants for the youth and families participating in the YCE Program. The annual Top Ten Youth Camps and Exchange Chairperson Award recognizes and honors those Lions who go above and beyond their duties as YCE Chairpersons.

The following individuals were selected by the International Board of Directors for their service in positively impacting the lives of young people around the world and fulfilling the Lions Clubs International mission to encourage peace and international understanding through Lions clubs.

2018-2019 YCE Top Ten Chairpersons


Ralph Mulders
Multiple District 110

“Being a YCE chairperson is definitely the most demanding and interesting position in Lions land. It is a year around job were you meet so many young people from all over the world, you stay in contact with many of them for years after and you are able to facilitate a life changing experience that enriches their life and therefore that of yourself as a Lion.”  

Pauline Wan
District 303
Hong Kong

“As a YCE Chairperson, I have a chance to take the lead and coordinate with YCE team of other Districts, team up with Lions and Leo of District 303 in promoting the program for the benefits of youth all over the world.” 

Koichi Uetani
Multiple District 335

“The most memorable moment of last year’s YCE camp was that, “We heard the wonderful opinions of the youths [on the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima].” Lion Uetani also believes it is their “…priority to meet many young people who will play a role in the future.”

Gerald Kreuwel
District 111 BS

“To observe young people growing together as a team within short time and independently of their cultural and religious background, and to see the many friendships that develop.”

Vera Frantz
Multiple District LD

“An unforgettable memory I have of YCE 18-19 (our last camp) is that of the exchange students sitting by the sea on a moonlit night, talking, laughing, singing, and dancing as if they were all one big and unique family, without geographical borders, political, religious or racial distinctions to separate them. They were just young people living their youth in its fullness.”

Joon Cheong ("JC") Wah
District 308 B1 

“The most memorable moment of our YCE program was the workshops about the current youth issues and problems resolutions. There were so [many] differences between the eastern and western cultures on their life experience and opinions, which they had shared and presented. Being a YCE Chairperson, I loved most was having the opportunity to be involved with the youth & Leos, who are more creative and innovative. That is something for us to learn and to change the old culture and mindset.”

Frank Lauwers
District 112

“My fondest memory of the 2018/19 YCE-program [is] the contacts with colleagues from around the globe, both at the European Forum and during the organizing of the exchanges themselves…The biggest strength is the cohesion within our commission, for which we are regarded as an example across the globe on how we organize everything and deliver a perfect camp every time.”

Isabelle Rolland-Frances
Multiple District 103

“For the year 2018-2019 which was my 4th and last year, I greatly appreciated the work done with the Leos… A magnificent collaboration for young people and by young people.” What Lion Rolland-Frances loves most about being a YCE chairperson is “… the very strong friendship, the bonds and solidarity in action between YCECs all over the world. We can count on each other for our young people, it's wonderful and we become the best friends in the world.”

Nominate Your Youth Camps and Exchange Chairperson!


All official district and multiple district YCE chairpersons are eligible for the Top Ten Youth Camps and Exchange Chairperson Award. For the 2021-2022 nomination cycle, immediate past council chairpersons and immediate past district governors of single districts are encouraged to nominate an extraordinary YCE chairperson that served in any previous fiscal year. Some considerations for this award include:

  • YCE Chairperson must have been registered in MyLCI to be eligible.
  • Promotion of peace, international understanding and goodwill through the YCE program.
  • Number of youth hosted and sponsored for Lions youth camps and/or exchanges
  • Innovative ways to include service, Leos and/or LCI Global Causes into YCE programming.
  • Previous winners of this award are not eligible for nomination.

How to Nominate?

Nominate your exceptional YCE Chairperson by sending this form to Lions International at the address.

Please note that nominations will only be accepted by Lions International if the nominee has officially been nominated through MyLCI by their District Governor or Council Chairperson.