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Virtual Clubs

Virtual Lions clubs use their phones and computers to serve their communities. These clubs establish a presence in a virtual space, and coordinate their in-person service efforts using a variety of virtual channels.

Forming a virtual club is a great option when individuals are pressed for time, restricted by geographic proximity to a club, or have limited mobility, among other reasons.

Chartering a Virtual Club

The process and policies of chartering a virtual Lions club are the same as chartering any Lions club, while considering the following:

  • A virtual club’s district will be determined by the district of its sponsoring club as well as the geographical location of its members.
  • Seventy five percent of the club’s charter members must live or work within the multiple district where the club is chartered.
  • Club name must follow LCI naming conventions, and can include identifying terms such as Virtual, Online, etc.
  • A virtual club’s constitution and by-laws can be revised to accommodate processes for the resolutions of disputes and virtual voting.

For information on how to charter a Lions club, check out the resources below:

A Virtual Club in Action

Virtual clubs rely on a variety of platforms to provide meaningful service, maintain member engagement, and develop new leaders. Some types of tools that are key to effectively support the actions of the club are listed below. Each club is different, and should choose the tools that work best for its members.

MyLion was purpose-built to help all clubs plan service and connect online, and will be a key resource for your virtual club. Lions International recommends starting with MyLion and MyLCI to facilitate your club’s service efforts and communication.

Non-Lion platforms listed below are offered merely as examples. Lions International does not officially endorse, nor provide any incentive, discount or rebate, for the virtual platforms and applications mentioned.

  • Meeting platform: For all members to participate in the decision-making process, it is important to choose a meeting and communication platform that support simultaneous participation.
    Examples: Skype, WhatsApp Group/Conference, GotoMeeting, Zoom, and Facebook Group call, and traditional conference calls.

  • Document exchange platform: To keep all club documentation in order and easily accessible to its members.
    Examples: Office 365, google Mail, and Slack.
  • Financial platform: To keep track of club finances, dues, funds raised, and make payments with ease.
    Examples: A club’s bank’s online services, Paypal, and Square.
  • Voting platform: To allow for ease of tracking as well as confidentiality of votes in club related matters.
    Examples: Google Survey, SurveyMonkey, and Simply Voting.
  • Service Project Planning Platform: To plan, promote, help implement, and report service projects.
    Examples: MyLion was built expressly to help Lions like you plan service projects. Other platform options include Facebook and SignUpGenius.
  • Social Media accounts: To maintain a presence in virtual platforms visible to Lions and non-Lions where news, service activities, and recruiting information can be promoted.
    Examples: MyLion App, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

MyLCI and Virtual Clubs

Virtual clubs are considered a management and meeting style. These clubs can share details on how they meet virtually by clicking the ONLINE flag located in the Meeting Location section of MyLCI and completing the appropriate fields.

Additional Resources for Virtual Clubs


To learn more about Virtual Clubs, review the Virtual Clubs Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are a virtual club and want to share information, ideas on what tools and resources have worked for you, or have questions, please contact us at