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Membership Awards

A strong membership is vital to the success of your club, district and the Lions Clubs International organization worldwide. Without dedicated members, there would be no one to serve those in need. Lions International offers opportunities for all members to receive recognition for the role they play in growing our organization around the world.

Awards for outstanding achievements in membership development are described below. Lions International also offers a variety of awards for Lions and Leos involved in the Leo Club Program. For more information on Leo awards, visit the Leo Awards and Recognitions webpage.

Awards for Individuals


The following awards are opportunities for all Lions to earn, regardless of title:

Milestone Chevron Award Program

This program recognizes Lions for their long-term service, beginning at 10 years, and continuing in 5-year increments. There are two different types of chevrons, varying slightly in appearance. The Charter Monarch Chevron, available to founding club members only, and the Monarch Chevron. Learn more >

Membership Key Awards Program

This progressive awards program recognizes Lions who sponsor new members that remain active for at least a year. It begins with only two members sponsored, and is something that all Lions can do beginning on their first day of membership. Learn more >

Extension Awards

The extension awards are presented to two Lions, who, in the opinion of the serving district governor, provided the greatest assistance in the organization of a new Lions club that remains active and in good standing for at least a year. This is a progressive awards program beginning at just one club, Lions can earn personalized pins for clubs 1-5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 150 clubs.

Campus Award Pin

This pin can be presented to up to two Lions who help charter a Campus Lions club, as determined by the district governor.

Club Branch Pin

This prestigious pin is awarded to the first branch liaison when a club branch is formed.

Specialty Clubs Program Coordinator Awards

  • SCP coordinators who achieve their approved specialty club development plan will receive an E-certificate of appreciation
  • SCP coordinators who organize 5-9 new specialty clubs will receive a distinctive pin
  • SCP coordinators who organize 10 or more new specialty clubs will receive a distinctive medal

Awards for Clubs


The following awards represent some of the ways your club can be recognized for outstanding work in membership development:

New Club Sponsor Club Banner Patch

Clubs that sponsor a new club receive a banner patch that can proudly be displayed on the club banner.

Campus Banner Patch

Clubs that sponsor a campus club receives a distinctive patch that can be displayed on the club banner. 

Club Branch Patch

Clubs that serve as a parent to a club branch receive a patch to be displayed on their banner for recognition of their efforts to develop membership.

Membership Satisfaction Award

Clubs can earn this prestigious patch that can be displayed on their banner so that all who see it, know that there are happy members. The patch is earned by either retaining 90% of your members for a fiscal year, or by reversing membership losses. Earn additional “tabs” for each subsequent year to affix to your banner for increased recognition. Learn more >

Awards for Districts


The following awards are earned at the district level by meeting membership development goals:

District Governor Extension Award

This special pin is awarded to the immediate past district governor who chartered at least one club in during their year as governor, provided the club remains in good standing for at least a year. The pin is personalized to display the number of clubs chartered during their year.