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Young Leaders in Service Award

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Young people who volunteer mature into adults who serve.  Through the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards, Lions clubs encourage youth in the philosophy and habit of service to the community. This recognition opportunity benefits youth by developing life skills, providing an acknowledgement from an international association that can be used for college and job applications, and increasing visibility and awareness of Lions Clubs International and its various youth programs.  The benefits to Lions include opportunities to share their love for service, build community relationships, engage young people to effect change, and invite youth to partner on hands-on projects.

Lions clubs interested in coordinating these efforts can invite local schools, youth groups, or Leo clubs to log service hours over a twelve month period with the goal of completing either 50 or 100 hours of service to their community.

To participate, Lions may utilize the following resources:

Downloadable Lions Young Leaders in Service -Youth Service Hours Tracking Sheet
Downloadable Lions Young Leaders in Service Recognition Letter
Downloadable Lions Young Leaders in Service Certificate – 50 Hours of Service
Downloadable Lions Young Leaders in Service Certificate – 100 Hours of Service
Purchasable Lions Young Leaders in Service Pins

Best Practices:

  • Coordinate the award program with the school year so youth have twelve full months to complete their community service hours.
  • Set clear deadlines to be shared with partner schools/community organizations.
  • Maintain ongoing communications with partner schools/community organizations throughout the year to nurture a sustainable relationship.
  • Consider ways to incorporate the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards into any existing award programs your club offers.
  • Encourage your Lions club to host a special recognition event or luncheon for award recipients.
  • Work with local businesses to sponsor any additional recognitions, scholarships, or prizes to the awardees.
  • When presenting the award opportunity to youth include information about your Lions club, the mission of Lions, and the community service work you do.
  • Invite award recipients and participating schools to engage in other Lions Clubs International youth programs sponsored by your club or district, like the Leo Club Program, Lions Quest, or the Youth Camp and Exchange Program.