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Evolving our digital tools


We're updating the digital tools you use as a Lion. To put it simply, we’re taking the functionality you have today with MyLion, MyLCI, Insights and other tools and combining them into one cohesive and consistent experience — the Lion Portal.

Help ensure a smooth transition to the Lion Portal


Make sure your Lion Account information is correct and up to date in MyLCI or your regional reporting system. Note that the new Lion Portal will require a unique, unshared email, and phone numbers will no longer be supported as a log in credential. 

Updating member information is simple:

  • Log in to the current member portal with your Lion Account credentials
  • Navigate to MyLCI
  • Select “My Lions Club”
  • Select “Members” 
  • Click on the member whose information you need to update.
  • Select “Edit Member” to enter in their revised email address and other updated information. 

To help ensure other Lions have a smooth transition to the Lion Portal, check out these helpful downloads:

Get Ready for the Lion Portal presentation   Lion Portal handout

Hear from International President Brian Sheehan


Check out what International President Brian E. Sheehan has to say about what’s coming to our digital products.

Frequently asked questions


Get more details about the changes.

What’s changing with the digital tools I’m using as a Lion?

We’re combining MyLion, MyLCI and Insights, along with some additional tools and functionality, into a unified experience called the Lion Portal. The new portal will offer the same features and functionality currently available, but with a more consistent and efficient experience.

When will the new Lion Portal launch?

We’re targeting a mid-2023 launch, but will share more details in the coming months. A preview of the system will be offered prior to the launch.

Will I be able to use my Lion Account credentials to access the new system?

To ensure the security of your account, current Lion Account passwords are encrypted. This means we cannot see them or port them over into a new system. Because of this, we will prompt you when it’s time to update your Lion Account credentials — your username and password — to access the Lion Portal. Please note that we can no longer support the use of telephone numbers as usernames, so you will need to use a unique email — one that is only used by you — and create a new password to log in.

How will the new Lion Portal differ from the old products?

The new portal is an evolution of our current digital tools. MyLion, MyLCI and Insights won't be available when you log into the new portal. Instead, you’ll access the various functions you performed in those products directly from the homepage. For example, rather than clicking into MyLion to report your service, you’ll access service reporting directly from the main portal page.  

The new portal is built on Salesforce, a commercially available platform used by over 150,000 organizations, including 40,000 nonprofits. Salesforce is the recognized industry leader in relationship management systems and will allow us to offer a rich and continually improving digital experience.

Will the Learn tool be moved to the new Lion Portal?

Learn will be accessible through the new Lion Portal. So, once you use your new Lion Account credentials to login, you’ll click on Learn and it will lead you into the same Learn tool we have today.

What else will I be able to do in the new Lion Portal?

In addition to reporting service, managing club rosters, accessing reports and all the other functionality you currently have through MyLion, MyLCI and Insights, the new Lion Portal will provide a centralized location to access a variety of data and tools ranging from your LCIF donation history to our Member Service Center FAQs. More information to come on this in the coming months.

What functions will I be able to access in the new Lion Portal?

Just as it is today, your access to specific data and tools is based on any Lions positions you hold.

Will I still be able to access the old products (MyLion, MyLCI, Insights) once the new portal is live?

MyLion, MyLCI and Insights as you know them today will not be available once the new Lion Portal is live. However, the same functionality of those tools will be available. For example, instead of clicking on MyLCI to access your member roster, you’ll be able to click into a member reporting section on the main portal page where you can access your roster. The functions will no longer be housed within separate tools.

Will the Lion Portal be mobile-friendly?

Yes! Whether using your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you’ll have access to the same functionality in the Lion Portal. The portal will simply be adjusted to fit the size of the device.

Is the new system secure? Will my data be safe?

Yes, the new system is built on Salesforce, which offers Salesforce Shield — an extremely powerful and secure suite of data-privacy and encryption tools.

Is training available to help me learn how to use the new Lion Portal?

The Lion Portal will include in-product training at launch so you can learn while exploring the updated experience. In addition, we'll continually be looking to develop training solutions based on the needs of Lions and Leos.

Where do I go for help if I have questions?

Please reach out to the product team with the question at

How do I get to the new Lion Portal?

You can use the same links ( and bookmarks you’ve been using for the current portal to get to the new Lion Portal.


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