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Specialty Clubs Program

Answering a Special Call to Serve


Specialty Clubs Program Infographic

The Specialty Club program is designed to create clubs whose members share a common interest or passion, allowing them to connect with one another on a deeper level. For example, they may share a hobby, profession, culture, common service or life experience.

Forming specialty clubs allows groups of people around the world to turn their passions into rewarding service projects that directly benefit their communities. 

Joining a specialty Lions club is a great way a great way for all generations to meet people who share common interests and build leadership skills while serving your community.

Specialty Clubs Program Coordinators


Explore how Lions can apply and serve as a Specialty Clubs Program Coordinator to help support their district’s new club development goals.

Specialty Club Toolkit


The Specialty Club Program Toolkit contains all the resources needed to understand and promote the program. It includes:

Awards and Recognition


Discover How Lions with Shared Interests Are Serving


Lions Specialty Clubs: Overview

Lions Specialty Clubs: Cause

Lions Specialty Clubs: Retiree

Lions Specialty Clubs: Culture

Lions Specialty Clubs: Sports

Sutton Racing Lions Club

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