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Contact LCIF

Lions Clubs International Foundation
300 W. 22nd St. 
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842
(630) 203-3836

*Fax is no longer available. Please contact us by phone or email noted above. Please note the Foundation does not provide funding to individuals, as all grant monies are awarded directly to a Lions club for project and program implementation.

Rebecca Teel Daou
Executive Administrator

Monika Kural
Division Assistant 
(630) 468-6901

Christine Hastings
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
(630) 468-6775

LCIF Global Grants Division

Global Grants Division contact: Emergency Grant contact: or call (630) 203-3819.

The Global Grants Specialists below are listed according to their constitutional areas of responsibility. For general grant inquiries and submission of grant applications, please use the region-specific email addresses listed below.

KaSondra Byrd
Division Manager
(630) 468 6826

Benjamin Futransky
Manager, Global Grants Department
Constitutional Areas IV, VI, VII and VIII
(630) 468 6723

Gillian Gibbs
Manager, Global Grants Department
Constitutional Areas I, II, III, and V
(630) 468 6931

United States
Constitutional Area I -
Cassandra Rotolo

Constitutional Area II -
Cassandra Rotolo

Latin America and the Caribbean
Constitutional Area III -
Grisell Barraza

Constitutional Area IV -
Julie Boonprasarn
Beth Smith

Orient and Southeast Asia (OSEAL)
Constitutional Area V -
June Kim
Ryan Stefani

India, South Asia, and the Middle East (ISAME)
Constitutional Area VI -
Oumar Diallo
Danielle Hormillosa

Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia (ANZI)
Constitutional Area VII -
Beth Smith

Constitutional Area VIII -
Oumar Diallo

Lions Quest Department

Matthew Kiefer
(630) 468-6965

Kimberly Anderson
Educational Programs Specialist
(630) 468-6904

Kimberly Haynes
Program Development Specialist
(630) 468-6772

Maurice Van Horne
Marketing and Sales Specialist
(630) 468-6733

Penny Willis
Training and Program Development Specialist 
(630) 468-6960

LCIF Marketing

Anne Most
LCIF Marketing Manager

LCIF Donor Services

For donation and recognition inquiries please email or call us at (630) 203-3846.

Anthony Paskauskas
Manager Donor Services
(630) 468-6708

Lora Snow
Assistant Manager
(630) 468-7083

LCIF Development

Christopher Plunkett
Development Division Manager
(630) 468-6939

Constitutional Areas I, II, and III

Dannette Pryor
Regional Development Manager
The Americas
(630) 468-6726

Kristi Garcia
Regional Development Specialist
(630) 468-6885

LaTanya Gatewood
Regional Development Specialist
(630) 468-6994

Flynn Doran
Regional Development Specialist 
Latin America and the Islands of the Caribbean
(630) 468-7142

Alessandra DeChancie
Regional Development Coordinator
(630) 468-6705

Constitutional Areas IV and VIII

Paul Steele
Regional Development Manager
Europe and Africa
(630) 468-7175

Conner Swan
Regional Development Specialist
(630) 468-6814

Nana SangBender
Regional Development Specialist
(630) 468-6838

Constitutional Area V

Junko Honma
Regional Development Specialist (Tokyo)

YoonJung Kim
Regional Development Specialist (Seoul)

Yu-Ling Chiu
Regional Development Specialist
East Asia
(630) 468-6983

Constitutional Areas VI and VII

Jeff Arnett
Regional Development Manager
South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia 
(630) 468-6973

Tyrel Floyd
Regional Development Specialist
South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia
(630) 468-6918

Rashmi Willis
Deputy Head of Resource Mobilisation – LCIF India (New Delhi)

Rosie Boeing
Regional Development Coordinator
(630) 468-6918

Institutional Giving

Erik Brejla
Manager, Institutional Giving 
(630) 468-7091

Sam Mason
Global Partnerships Specialist
(630) 468-6869

Anne Schullo
Global Partnerships Specialist
(630) 468-7095

Strategic Giving

Marie Clarke-Doane
Manager, Strategic Giving
(630) 468-6981

Robert Kanonik
Planned Giving Specialist
(630) 468-7067

Sue Odland
Strategic Giving Specialist
(630) 468-7088

Nicole Kural
Development Coordinator
(630) 468-7054