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A Membership for Everyone

All Lions clubs share a single mission: we serve. Yet, no two Lions are exactly alike. That’s what makes our service so strong. The same can be said of our clubs—no two clubs are exactly alike. We offer a variety of club models and membership types to meet the needs of all those looking to serve. Here, we have a membership that’s right for you.

Club Types

Traditional Clubs

Most Lions clubs are formed on the traditional club model.These clubs bring together a group of service-minded individuals who want to better their community, and meet locally on a regular basis. Learn more about traditional clubs here.

Specialty Clubs

Specialty clubs are much like traditional clubs, but bring together a group of individuals who share a common interest in addition to a commitment to service. A specialty may share a hobby, like snowboarding or knitting, or a common cultural background. Learn more about specialty clubs here.

Virtual Clubs

Virtual clubs conduct some or all club meetings remotely, over the phone or via the internet. This club type allows a more widely-distributed group of club members to plan and execute service projects with ease, and is a great fit for those with busy schedules. Learn more about virtual clubs here.

Campus Clubs

Campus clubs offer students the opportunity to build leadership skills, and create a common bond of service with fellow students. Members of campus clubs may also be eligible for student membership—see "Membership Types" for more details. Learn more about campus clubs here.

Leo Clubs

Leo Clubs provide an opportunity for youth and young adults to serve in their communities, develop leadership skills and grow as individuals. There are two kinds of Leo Clubs - Alpha Leos (ages 12-18) and Omega Leos (ages 18-30). Learn more about the Leo program here.

Leo-Lions Clubs

Leo-Lions clubs may be formed by any group of 20 charter members consisting of at least 10 former Leos. These clubs are just one option for Leos to transition to Lions membership. Leos may also form charter or join other types of traditional Lions club. For more information, check out the Leo-Lions club page.

Membership Types

Learn more about different membership opportunities and categories.


The most common membership type. Our 1.3 million members in more than 47,000 clubs all over the world work to better their communities and fight for Lions Clubs International’s global causes.


Allows relatives living in the same house to volunteer together at a reduced dues rate. Children cannot become members, but can participate in the Cub Program, which allows children under age 12 the opportunity to build a lifelong dedication to helping others.


Students between who are enrolled in an educational institution, and are between their country’s legal age of majority and under 30, are eligible to receive a discount on international dues. This is a great option for members of Campus Clubs!


Young people interested in Lions International may become Leos as part of a Leo Club.


Leo-Lion members are former Leos who have joined the larger Lions organization. This membership type provides current or former Leos, who are of their country’s age of legal majority through age 35, the opportunity to transition from Leos to Lions while receiving a discount on dues and other benefits.