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Information for YCE Chairpersons

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YCE Chairperson Responsibilities

  • Ensure youth protection is maintained and procedures are followed according to local laws and customs.
  • Thoroughly review and understand the YCE policy.
  • Ensure Lions or officially designated non-Lions conduct the program according to the YCE policy.
  • Develop a district or multiple-district plan to establish, publicize, evaluate and collect metrics on camps and/or exchanges.
  • Work with your district governor, council chairperson or coordinating Lions to submit your local program information to Lions International.
  • Establish a thorough screening and selection process for exchange youth and host families.
  • Organize a program orientation for exchange youth and host families.
  • Confirm that all youth traveling abroad have the necessary travel documents and are adequately insured.

Best Practices

  • Establish and oversee a committee to coordinate the various aspects of the local YCE programs.
    • Establish separate committees to oversee incoming versus outgoing youth.
  • Develop and facilitate training for YCE volunteers at the district or multiple district level.
  • Encourage past exchange youth and Leos to help in planning or implementing future YCE activities.
  • Encourage families of past exchange youth to serve as host families for future incoming youth.

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