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On the page below, Leo district and multiple district officers and chairpersons can find helpful resources for running district and multiple district-level Leo events as well as an overview of leadership positions. Leo and Lion leaders can find an overview of the Leo district and multiple district structure in the Lions Board Policy, Chapter 22.

Leo district and multiple district leadership roles


Explore the list below to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of these Leo and Lion leadership positions.

District and multiple district Leo chairpersons

Leo club chairpersons contribute to the success of their districts through the promotion, development and continued support of Leo clubs. Chairpersons should promote reporting of Leos in their areas and ensure that Leo clubs and membership totals are accurate and that Leo participation in learning and development events is reported in the Learn app. They can also assist with the appointment of Leos or Leo-Lions as cabinet and council liaisons.

Leo chairperson resources

Leo or Leo-Lion cabinet and council liaison

The Leo or Leo-Lion cabinet and council liaison positions are one-year, non-voting appointed positions developed to engage young leaders and strengthen Lions districts and multiple districts. This position is an opportunity to further a Leo or Leo-Lion's leadership skills, use their experience to improve the Leo Club Program and represent the diverse views of young people in their area. These liaisons can also support recording membership growth in their area by promoting the importance of Leo reporting to both Leos and Lions.

Leo cabinet and council liaison resources

Leo district and multiple district presidents

Leo district and multiple district presidents and vice presidents are elected annually. Upon election, the presidents can appoint the districts or multiple districts secretaries and treasurers if the Leo district and multiple district secretaries and treasurers were not elected. Leo district and multiple district officers provide leadership training seminars for Leos, promote unified service activities and/or fundraising campaigns and encourage active involvement in the Leo Club Program. Leo district and multiple district presidents can also help support membership growth in their areas by encouraging membership reporting, developing area-wide strategies and sharing recruitment best practices with clubs in their district. 

Leo district and multiple district president resources


Hosting leadership trainings 


The Leo Club Advisor Training & Orientation page is designed to provide Leo club advisors with a clearer understanding of the Leo Club Program and the role of an advisor. Districts and multiple districts can use this page to guide hosting a workshop series for Leo club advisors in their area and promote it as a valuable reference for Lions involved in the program.

District and multiple district leaders should hold Leo club officer trainings and establish an annual Leo learning and development calendar. They should also encourage Leo members to grow their learning record by participating in locally planned Leo learning events and completing courses in the Lions Learning Center (LLC). Access the LLC in Learn using your Lion Account login credentials or click here for Lion account access instructions.

Reporting Leo Learning Events in the Learn App
Learn Leo Reporting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Applying for Leo grants for your district and multiple district


Districts and multiple districts are eligible for two Leo specific grants. The Leo Leadership Grant Program provides up to US$2,000 in funding for events focused on developing Leos' leadership skills. The LCIF Leo Service Grant gives up to US$5,000 to Leos that are planning a service project and need additional funds to make a greater impact in their community. Visit the Leo Grants page to learn more.

Encouraging Leo clubs to report in MyLCI


District and multiple district officers should use MyLCI to ensure that their area's club and membership information is up to date. They should also encourage Leo club officers and Leo club advisors to report and manage their membership rosters and access new member resources in MyLCI. Ensure Leos in your region receive important messages from Lions International and encourage clubs to report officers and members.

MyLCI resources

Reporting a Leo district or multiple district


To officially establish a Leo district or multiple districts, the Leo club chairperson must report district/multiple district officers in MyLCI. If your district or multiple district does not use MyLCI, the Annual Report for Leo Districts and Multiple Districts (Leo-91) can be submitted each fiscal year.

Lions districts with six or more Leo clubs may form a Leo district with the approval of the district governor. Lions multiple districts with 10 or more Leo clubs may form a Leo multiple district with the approval of the council of governors. Leo membership within the multiple district must exceed 100.

Annual report resources