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Lions Quest Grants

Lions Quest Grants aid the implementation and expansion of Lions Quest in schools around the world. Typical project activities include workshops to train educators, the purchase of textbooks and materials for workshops, program evaluation and research. Grants can go toward the initial implementation of Lions Quest or the expansion of an existing Lions Quest program.


The Application Process


Lions Quest Program Grant


Up to $50,000 for on single or sub-district, or $150,000 for multi-districts; 3-to-1 matching grants.


Due 90 days prior to the LCIF Board of Trustees meeting. May 1 application deadline for August meeting, October 1 application deadline for January meeting and February 1 application deadline for May meeting.


This grant opportunity is designed to support the development or expansion of the Lions Quest program where Lions have a detailed plan with commitment from local schools to implement the program, or in areas where Lions quest has been active for years but where a considerable number of schools are not covered. Applicants should also identify specific communities where needs are greatest and focus extra attention on those areas. 

  • Funds may be used to:
  • Train teachers and trainers
  • Translate curriculum and training materials
  • Print or purchase curriculum materials
  • Conduct monitoring, evaluation, and promotional activities
  • Pay for a limited amount of administrative expenses

Criteria and Application

Note: The LCIF grant is not intended to fund existing Lions Quest activity, so any clubs currently financing the program should continue to do so.


Lions Quest Promotional Grant


$1,500; no matching funds required.


No deadlines – rolling applications.


To introduce Lions Quest to a community. The grant is intended to jump start Lions Quest activities in a new area by introducing the program to community members. Funds are used for informational seminars for Lions, community members and/or educators.

Criteria and Application


Community Partnership Grant


Up to $15,000; no matching funds required.


No deadlines – rolling applications.
Lions Quest Community Partnership Grant Application


To start Lions Quest programs in new areas, or reactivate dormant programs.

Funds may be used to:

  • Host one or more teacher training workshops
  • Conduct Lions Quest promotional activities, including informational sessions for Lions, educators, government officials and other potential partners
  • Translate Lions Quest curriculum materials
  • Establish partnerships with school districts, community organizations and government agencies

*Note: Limited to one grant award per district per fiscal year.

Criteria and Application


Recent Lions Quest Grants 

  • USA, District 49-A - US$100,000 was awarded to Lions in order to support the implementation of Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence at all middle schools in Anchorage, Alaska, benefitting approximately 7,800 students in one of the most diverse areas of the USA.
  • India, Undistricted - US$100,000 was awarded to support the development of a gender-based violence prevention and gender equity curriculum for schools in India. The project piloted in Delhi in October 2017 and benefitted 6th grade students from nine schools.
  • Guatemala, District D-3 - US$25,000 was awarded to Lions to implement the Lions Quest Skills for Growing program at some of the neediest public schools in Guatemala City, benefitting more than 6,000 students.

Lions Quest

More than 16 million young people have benefitted from Lions Quest over the past 30 years. More than 600,000 educators have been trained to implement the program in nearly 100 countries.