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Rebuilding and Reactivating Clubs

Lions Clubs International offers multiple levels of support to help strengthen weak clubs and reactivate clubs that have been cancelled or placed in status quo.  Clubs that have been cancelled may be reactivated up to 12 months after cancellation.  To rescind a charter cancellation or return a club from status quo the club and district must fill out the Club Reactivation Form

Use the following steps to assist struggling clubs:

Step 1: Drop lost members so additional dues are not incurred.  To review the club’s status and information, visit the Club Health Assessment

Step 2: Assign a Guiding Lion: District Governor to fill out and submit the Guiding Lion Assignment Form.

Step 3: Establish a team based on the needs of the club. 

To help a club become successful, there are several helpful resources to assist them.  

  • Club Assessment: By conducting the club assessment it helps identify areas for improvement, so training and support can be tailored to the needs of the club. 
  • Certified Guiding Lion Program:  Designed to assist clubs that are newly chartered and established.  Certified Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsor or established club president.  Guiding Lions are limited to serving no more than two new clubs at any point in time. 
  • Club Quality Initiative: A strategic planning tool to help clubs identify opportunities for improvement.  The program features LCI Forward and involves the whole club in this exciting process to make the club even better.  
  • Your Club, Your Way!: Will help you customize your club meetings to better suit the needs and lifestyles of your club members.  It includes a simple, fun exercise to help determine which elements of your meeting to keep and what to change, as well as a process for phasing change!
  • Build a Vision For Your Club: Success starts with a vision!  Use this planning guide and PowerPoint to discover your clubs strengths, ways to improve and new opportunities that will help your club grow and thrive!  Planning forms help develop a vision, assess your club’s needs and organize your plan for a successful implementation. 
  • Blueprint for a Stronger Club: Focused on club operations, service, leadership development and membership this guide provides step-by-step process to assess your club, establish goals and develop your blueprint. 
  • Club Officer e-Books:  From planning their term, to resources that support effective club operations the Club Officer e-Books contain the most critical information, tools and resources that you will need to fulfill their positions as club officer.  e-Books are available for: 
  • Club Excellence Awards: Will your club close the year with a net growth in membership, and participate in at least three service projects? Are you promoting your club’s events and activities to the community? If you answered yes, your club may be eligible for the club excellence award.  

    The Club Excellence Award is more than an award... it is proof that your club is STRONG!

Club Rebuilding


Club Rebuilding allows more flexibility for District Governors to focus efforts to support weak clubs by eliminating the limitations of visits.  Club Rebuilding focus on the areas of rebuilding, recruiting new members, training officers and providing meaningful community service. For clubs needing assistance, please fill out the Club Rebuilding Application and obtain the appropriate signatures. 

As part of the Club Rebuilding Program a Guiding Lion is assigned to the club who acts as a mentor. The Guiding Lion assist the areas they may need help in.  

Upon the completion of the two-year term, Guiding Lions may qualify for the Guiding Lion Award. Requirements for the Guiding Lion to qualify for the award are listed below broken out by the club and the Guiding Lion:

Specialty Clubs Program Infographic


  1. Is in good standing with Lions Clubs International. 
  2. Had a net membership growth and a minimum of 20 members at the close of the Guiding Lion’s two-year term. 
  3. Reported new service and fundraising projects and was encouraged to donate to LCIF. 
  4. Participated in district activities (including zone meetings). 
  5. Club officers confirm the Guiding Lion supported the club’s development (sign the final report form). 

Guiding Lion

  1. Submitted Quarterly Reports to Lions Clubs International and the district governor for two years. 
  2. Completed the Certified Guiding Lion Course prior to the end of their two year assignment.
  3. Attended a majority of the club’s general and board meetings.
  4. Submitted  their Final Report to Lions Clubs International and their district governor.

For further information or to inquire about the Club Rebuilding  and Club Reactivation please contact us at  or phone (630) 468-7084 or (630) 468-6890.