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Start a new club


Starting a Lions club offers you the opportunity to create the club you want to see in your community and serve the causes you care about with the service-minded people you care about most.


Benefit your community


By introducing service projects and offering more community members the opportunity to serve, you create good by chartering a new club.

Starting a new club also benefits your Lions district. You will expand the reach of Lions Clubs International in your area and encourage membership growth. A new club creates potential—potential leaders, potential service, and potential recruitment—for your district.

start a new club

Click on the link below to learn about the different types of Lions clubs.

Lions clubs and membership types   Start a Leo Club (for members 12-30 years of age)   Start a Club Branch   Order Club Materials and Applications

How do I start a new club?


The resources below will help guide you through club creation, from the steps included in new club development to existing clubs sponsoring a new club. Click on the links below to learn about these steps and how to get started with your new club.


New Club Development Guide Workshop PowerPoint


This PowerPoint follows the 10-step process on how to start a new club.


New Club Development Guide


This guide follows the 10-step process on how to start a new club.


New Club Development Workshop


The New Club Development Workshop is designed to train and assist your district in the development of new clubs. Trainings are available in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.

More information

Sponsoring a New Club Guide


This guide details the requirements and responsibilities for clubs looking to sponsor a new Lions club.


The Importance of Extension


Learn about important reasons to start a new club.


Workshop tools


The links below contain everything you need to start a new club or club branch.


MyLCI Quick Reference Guide


Guide to New Club Application Process PDF


New Club Development Community Assessment PDF


Before deciding if a community would be a good place to start a new Lions club, conduct a Community Needs Assessment to determine what needs a Lions club can meet there.


Informational Night Meeting PowerPoint


The informational meeting PowerPoint highlights what it means to be a Lion and can be customized to meet the needs of each community.


DIY New Club Development Workshop PDF


This document provides an outline of topics and agenda items for hosting a new club development workshop.



Organizational Meeting PowerPoint


The organizational meeting takes place after the informational meeting.  It is where the club members will elect officers, determine the club name, and plan the first service project.  This PowerPoint can be customized to meet the needs of each new club.


MyLCI Club Branch Submission PowerPoint


Clubs are now able to process branches in MyLCI. This guide will provide instructions on how to compete the process.


Charter Night Planning Guide PDF


Charter Night is a special event celebrating the beginning of a new Lions club. The information in this guide offers suggestions to help you plan a meaningful and successful Charter Night.


Application documents


The links below contain printable applications for new clubs and new members.


Lions Club Charter Application Worksheet


Use this charter application worksheet as a guide for obtaining all information to complete the charter application on MyLCI.


Charter Member Application


Use this form to hand out to potential Charter Members


Charter Application Checklist


This checklist offers step by step instructions on how to charter a new club.


Report of Charter Members Worksheet


Use this form to collect member information and enter in MyLCI.


Charter Member Transfer Form


Use this form to transfer a member from an existing club to become a charter member of a new club.


Recruiting tools


The links below contain handouts and brochures to help you recruit and advertise your new club.


Just Ask!


Member Recruiting guide to get clubs prepared for membership campaigns.


New Hello brochure


This printable brochure covers the benefits of being a Lion and our mission.


New recruiting poster


This printable poster can be hung around the community to help in the recruiting process.


Club chartering awards

Starting a club supports the growth of Lions International, and you may qualify for certain awards as a result! Awards and recognition for starting a new club include District Governor Extension Awards, Extension Award Recipients, or a Sponsoring Club Patch.