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Guiding Lion Program

Designed for New, Existing and Clubs Rebuilding

The Guiding Lion Program is designed to assist clubs that are newly chartered, established or rebuilding.  Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsoring or established club president. Guiding Lions are limited to serving no more than two new clubs at any point in time.

Guiding Lions assist a club to: 

  • Be successful in its first two years of operation 
  • Orient and train club officers and members 
  • Motivate and support club growth and development
  • Locate resources available to assist the club

Guiding Lion Support for Established Clubs

Club Rebuilding: Support to help strengthen clubs and reactivate those that are experiencing difficulties.  The Club Rebuilding Program allows more flexibility for District Governors to focus efforts to support weak clubs by eliminating the limitations of visits.  Club Rebuilding focus on the areas of rebuilding, recruiting new members, training officers and providing meaningful community service. For clubs needing assistance, please fill out the Club Rebuilding Application and obtain the appropriate signatures. 

Plan for Your Club’s Success: Success starts with a vision!  Use this planning guide and PowerPoint to discover your clubs strengths, ways to improve and new opportunities that will help your club grow and thrive!  Planning forms help develop a vision, assess your club’s needs and organize your plan for a successful implementation.

Guiding Lion Assignment Form:  Complete this form to assign a Guiding Lion to a club and ensure they receive the monthly Club Health Assessment.

Certified Guiding Lion Rebuilding Assessment: This checklist tool designed to identify the club’s strengths and areas for improvement so that the Guiding Lion can develop training and support specific to the needs of the club.

Certified Guiding Lion Course 

Guiding Lions are encouraged to complete the Certified Guiding Lion Course to improve their skills in club support. The course is designed to be completed individually or facilitated by an instructor. All Certified Guiding Lions are required to take the Certified Guiding Lion (CGL) every three years.  Following is a list of course material to become a Certified Guiding Lion.

Presidential Certified Guiding Lion Award and Award Application


Specialty Clubs Program Infographic

To be considered for the Presidential Certified Guiding Lion Award please complete:

  • Quarterly Reports: These are submitted during your two-year assignment.
  • Certified Guiding Lion Final Report: At the end of your two-year term assignment with the club, complete the CGL Final Report, which contains the criteria required to qualify for the award.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone (630) 468-6810.