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Membership Development Grants

Our organization's impact hinges on the growth of our membership and retention of current members. To support recruitment and member satisfaction, the Lions Clubs International Membership Development Committee offers Membership Development Grants on a competitive basis. These funds support a wide variety of membership efforts and activities, from a unique membership drive to a team building exercise, to recruit more members and to improve the experience of current Lions.


Standard Membership Development Grant


To ensure global representation, Lions Clubs International has allocated the following amounts to each Constitutional Area, based upon membership size.  

Districts may apply for a maximum amount of US$5,000 and multiple districts may apply for up to US$10,000 for a Standard Membership Development Grant. 


Amount Available

CA I US$30,000
CA II US$12,500
CA III US$20,000
CA IV US$20,000
CA V US$10,000
CA VI US$25,000
CA VII US$12,500
CA VIII US$10,000









Applications and supporting documents for 2022-2023 Membership Development Grants will be available late May and new grant applications will be accepted starting June 1, 2022.



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