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Membership Reports Toolbox

  • 5 Year Trend Report: Provides a 5-year gain/loss analysis of clubs and members per district.  
  • Club/District Health Assessments: Tracks membership growth, financial health, reporting trends, club officer vacancies, LCIF donations and the overall health of the clubs in your district.
  • Cumulative Report: Cumulative membership and club summary report fiscal year-to-date.
  • Membership Register Report: Shows club lists and status, membership count and last membership reporting date.
  • Summary of Membership: Detailed district monthly report of membership types and gender by club (includes breakdown of family unit, student, Leo-Lion and young adult membership).
  • Missing Club Officers: Monthly report of missing club officers by District (only President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chair). 
  • Specialty Clubs Report: Monthly report of all specialty clubs and their category designation.
  • Insights: A dynamic real-time dashboard available through the member’s Lion Account that provides statistics based on the users’ highest title and area of responsibility. Information includes but is not limited to club and membership trends, donations statistics, as well as service impact.