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The New Voices Initiative promotes gender parity and diversity and seeks to increase the number of women, young adults and underrepresented populations within our association. It features a diverse group of Lions and Leos who are selected annually by their district governor for their dynamic and innovative contributions in one of four areas: service, membership, leadership, and marketing.

The New Voices Initiative is focused at the district level to encourage regionalization and support at the grassroot level. Once selected, the New Voices nominees can be promoted regionally throughout the year to showcase their talents and contributions and inspire other Lions and Leos. We encourage local areas to promote the program and their nominees with the goal of attracting new dynamic members into our association and encouraging them to seek leadership positions.



2020-2021 New Voices winners


Lions Clubs International is pleased to announce the New Voices for 2020-2021. The Lions and Leos presented here were submitted by their district governors for acknowledgment at the international level for their accomplishments in one of the four areas – leadership, marketing, membership and service. Congratulations to all the New Voices around the globe! Thank you for sharing your stories and for all your remarkable contributions. To view the recipients of the 2020-2021 New Voices certificates by category, select the following links:


2019-2020 New Voices winners


Service: Paola Tassaran, District H-3
Leadership: M Prakash Dass, District 308-B1
Membership: Junji Takahashi, District 333-C
Marketing: Heli Peratalo, District 107-I


2018-2019 New Voices winners


Service: Maria Jose Rodrigues Pinto, District LA-3
Marketing: Shyana Jayalath, District 306-A1
Leadership: Zeynep Kocasinan, District 118-R
Membership: Mi Yang, District 356-C

District governors

District governors are a key part of the New Voices Initiative, as it is up to them to select and nominate four New Voices in their district. To learn more about the role of district governors in the New Voices Initiative, please review the district governor’s guide.

Share Your Story


Use #NEWVOICES to join the conversation on social media!

Tell the world how your unique ideas and actions have impacted Lions by promoting gender parity and diversity and helping to increase the number of women, young adults and underrepresented populations within our association.


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2020-2021 Webinars


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2018-2019 Webinars


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