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Leo Club Advisors

Leos and their advisors
To provide effective guidance, sponsoring Lions clubs appoint a Lion to serve as the Leo club advisor. This Lion should be someone who enjoys working with youth and engaging others in service.

Leo club advisors guide Leos in managing club activities and developing effective community service projects. Advisors also foster the development of Leos by creating an environment for exchange and connecting Leos with community leaders.

Leo club advisors may adjust their leadership approach based on the Leo club track. Younger Alpha Leos typically need more guidance and direction than older Alpha Leos, while Omega Leos may work more independently.


  • Oversee the orientation and ongoing development of the Leo club members
  • Promote Leo club activities
  • Attend each Leo club and board of directors meeting
  • Serve as the liaison between the sponsoring Lions club and the Leo club  
  • Ensure new Leos receive orientation and new member materials
  • Recognize Leos for their achievements
  • Encourage graduating Leos to become Lions

Update Your Club Information

Each year, sponsoring Lions clubs must report a Leo club advisor and Leo club officers to ensure effective communication with International Headquarters. Sponsoring Lions club presidents, secretaries and Leo club advisors can submit this information using MyLCI.

Need help reporting via MyLCI? Read the step-by-step guide to reporting Leo club advisors and officers.

For districts that do not use MyLCI, clubs can submit the Leo-72 form.

Leo Club Materials and Supplies

Leo membership cards, certificates and new member guides are available for download through MyLCI. Do you need Leo recruitment brochures, posters or other Leo-related publications? Download these materials from the Leo Club Resources section of LCI's website. All other items, including Leo new member kits, are available for purchase through the Lions Clubs International online store.

The Leo Club Program Department also accepts orders for the materials and publications listed on the Leo Club Publications Order Form (Leo-4). These orders are billed to the appropriate Lions club, district or multiple district account.


  • Leo Club Advisor Training: Learn more about the Leo Club Program and your role as an advisor with this comprehensive training and orientation program.

  • Leo Club Program Resources Guide: Learn about the resources available through the Leo Club Program such as grant funding, training information and promotional materials.

  • MyLCI: In regions using this online reporting system, advisors can add members, report officers, access various resources and more.

  • Leo Facebook Page: Stay up-to-date on the Leo Club Program with announcements about important deadlines, new resources and exciting service projects.

  • Chapter XXII of the Board Policy Manual: The Leo Club Program chapter of board policy includes the Standard Leo Club Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Leo to Lion Certification Form: Current and former Leos who are interested in becoming Lions should complete this form.

  • Serving Together Banner Patch – Lions Clubs International encourages collaboration between Lions clubs and Leo clubs. Collaborating clubs can earn the Serving Together Banner Patch for eligible activities.