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Leo Club Advisory Panel


The Leo Club Program Advisory Panel is a communication vehicle for Leos and Lions to share their ideas about the Leo Club Program with Lions Clubs International.

Advisory panelists represent Leos and Lions in their respective constitutional area and serve as ambassadors for the Leo Club Program. If you have ideas about the Leo Club Program, share them with your panelists. 

The Leo Club Program Advisory Panel is comprised of two Lions and two Leos from each constitutional area. Each fiscal year, one Lion and one Leo from each area are selected to serve a two-year term.

Are you interested in serving as a representative for the Leo Club Program in your constitutional area? Submit a Leo Application or a Lion Application before August 15, 2021 for the two-year term beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2024.

Leo Application   Lion Application

Advisory Panel Resources

The Advisory Panel is separated into three committees, Recruitment, Membership Experience and Transition. On their committees, panelist use their combined knowledge and experience to create resources on best practices for Leo clubs. Check out their resources below:

Our Global Causes

Current Advisory Panelists

Constitutional Area I

Lion Robert (Bob) Wilby

Massachusetts, USA – Lion Bob has been a Lions member for over 45 years, holding every club and almost every district leadership position. He believes that Leos are where community service begins. As a panelist, he is excited to share his years of experience and bring honor to his club, district and state. Email Robert

Leo Ojas Chitnis

Membership Experience Committee Chairperson
New Jersey, USA – Leo Ojas is a globally connected Leo leader. He has attended 6 International Conventions and 7 Lions Days with the United Nations, became a charter Leo club president at 12 years old and then the president of one of the first cyber Leo clubs in New Jersey. As a panelist, he is excited to exchange views and ideas with his fellow Leos and Lions around the world.  Email Ojas

Lion Pamela Graney

Illinois, USA – Lion Pam brings a wealth of knowledge to the Leos as a past District Governor and Multiple District Leo Chairperson. She has helped start 13 Leo clubs in Multiple District 1 and hosts the annual Leo conference for Illinois. As a “people person,” on the panel she is looking forward to advancing the Leo Club’s influence in her area and learn more about different cultures through Leos and Lions around the world. Email Pam

Leo Analaura Gregorio

New York, USA – Leo Analaura is the Immediate Past President of Leo Multiple District 20 and a past president of Leo District 20-R1. She’s attended the USA/ Canada Leo Leadership Forum and two Lions Days with the United Nations, where she participated in the International Women’s Day Leo Pitch Challenge. As an advisory panelist, she looks forward to sharing her experiences and inspiring more young people to serve in their communities. Email Analaura

Constitutional Area II

Lion Claude Gilbert

Quebec, Canada – Lion Claude brings 30 years of Lions experience to the panel. He is the Multiple District U Leo Chairperson and helped restart the Leo Club Program in Quebec after almost 30 years of inactivity. On the panel, he is looking forward to helping Lions navigate Leo clubs with social distancing and health safety measures in place due to Covid-19 and help build on the Leo to Lion transition process. Email Claude

Leo Duru Uluk

Ontario, Canada – Leo Duru has always taken charge of her Lions journey, starting from when she reached out to her local Lions club and chartered the first Leo club in her community. As a Leo club president, she created spaces where young leaders can thrive. As a panelist, she is excited to extend her reach to the rest of the world. Email Duru

Leo-Lion Joane Ngo

British Columbia, Canada – Leo-Lion Joane returns back to the Advisory Panel as the CA 2 Lion representative. She credits her time as a Leo club president in helping her become a better leader and making a real impact in her community. As a panelist, her goal is to create a more inclusive environment for young people and represent the voice of Canadian Leos. Email Joane

Leo Alicia Kiri Beer

Alberta, Canada – Leo Alicia is the council secretary for the USA/ Canada Leo Leadership Forum and a Leo club charter president. On on the panel she’s looking forward to learning from Leos around the world and hearing new perspectives on how to improve the Leo Club Program for her area. Email Alicia

Constitutional Area III

Lion Susana Chavarría Cascante

Costa Rica – Lion Susana served as a Leo for more than 13 years before becoming a Lion and current District Leo Chairperson. Because of her experience, she actively promotes how Leos and Lions work together. She is proud that her Lions club has a large number of past Leo members and as a panelist is looking forward to motivate young Leos and female Lions to get involved in leadership. Email Susana

Leo Karolayne Maria da Silva

Brazil – Leo Karolayne has been hard at work during her time as a Leo. In addition to being instrumental in restructuring her Leo club and Leo district, she acted as a District Governor Elect youth facilitator at LCICon 2018 in Las Vegas, facilitating a classroom in Portuguese about the power of young people. As a panelist, she is excited to help Leos serve better together and become a better leader. Email Karolayne

Leo-Lion Fernando Plachicoff Rohner

Uruguay – Leo-Lion Fernando became a Leo when he was 13 years old and has not stopped serving since. Now as a Lions member, he looks forward to giving others the same experiences he had and improve the Leo club program. Speaking 3 languages fluently, as a panelist he is looking forward to connecting with Leos everywhere, share experiences and learn from the other panel members. Email Fernando

Leo Luis Fernando Cuevas Alvarez

Recruitment Committee Co-Chair
Mexico – Leo Luis has spent half his life as a Leo, joining the program in 2006 and has held many leadership positions at the Leo club, district and multiple district level. He is looking forward to sharing the challenges and goals of the Leos of Latin America and the Caribbean and tailoring resources to fit the specific needs of Constitutional Area 3. Email Luis

Constitutional Area IV

Lion Per Saal

Germany – Lion Per is no stranger to Lions leadership, working his way up from Leo club president to multiple district president, and is currently the second vice district governor for D111NH. He is excited to be back for the second time on the Leo Advisory Panel as a Lion, serving on the panel as the first Leo representative for CA 4 from 2009 – 2011. Email Per

Leo Deborah Simone Herlan

Leo Advisory Panel Chairperson
Germany – Leo Deborah says that being a Leo has taught her leadership skills and made her a global citizen as she’s been able to meet and visit Leo and Lions friends from all around the world. As a panelist, she’s excited to present the work of the panel at all conventions throughout Europe and establish transparency for Leos. Email Deborah

Lion Berk Bulgurlu

Transition Committee Co-Chair
Turkey – Lion Berk has served as a District Leo Chairperson for 3 years and has helped improve the Leo movement in Turkey, sponsoring a Leo club with his Lions club and attending Leo forums, meetings and fundraising activities each year. As a panelist, he will focus on improving the relationship and transition from Leo to Lions. Email Berk 

Leo Massimiliano Manera

Italy –  Leo Massimiliano gradually discovered the international family of Leos by attending different Leo events. He now hopes to make an impact in Lions by sharing simple, useful and relevant opinions. Email Massimiliano

Constitutional Area V

Lion Sammy Shum

Transition Committee Chairperson
Hong Kong – Lion Sammy has almost 20 years of experience in Lions, first as a Leo from 2000 to 2011 and now a Lion. As a panelist, he is ready to help Lions club build a better relationship with Leos and promote leadership opportunities for young people. Email Sammy

Leo Jaycee Zhi Xin

Malaysia – Leo Jaycee went from an Alpha Leo to a charter president of an Omega Leo club. As a panelist, she is excited to share and inspire more passionate young people to join the Lions family. Email Jaycee

Lion Noriko Mori

Japan – Lion Noriko has been working with Leos for 8 years and is a strong supporter of the Lions international youth exchange, having helped connect Leos from Japan with Leos from around the world. She is looking forward to finding unique opportunities and service activities for the Leos of Constitutional Area 5. Email Noriko

Leo Calina Ka Lee Cheung

Hong Kong – Leo Calina credits the Leo club program for broadening her horizons through her leadership roles and opportunities to do meaningful service projects. On the panel, she’s looking forward to learning about different practices and cultures of Leo clubs and connect to a wider network. Email Calina

Constitutional Area VI

Lion Parvathy Vishwanath

Tamil Nadu, India – Lion Parvathy is passionate about mentoring and empowering young leaders, as a Leo club advisor to both an Omega and Alpha Leo club. She feels proud to see her Leos take on leadership positions in the district and multiple district level and is excited for the opportunity to meet and develop Leos as leaders as a panelist.  Email Parvathy

Leo-Lion Viveksingh Pabla

Recruitment Committee Chairperson
Gujarat, India – Leo-Lion Viveksingh says that his 10 years as a Leo has taught him more than any internship has. He played a major role in starting 16 new Leo clubs in his area and is looking forward to strengthening the Leo club around the world. Email Viveksingh

Lion Hasitha Srimal Warnakulasuriya

Sri Lanka – Lion Hasitha was a Leo for 10 years, serving as a Leo District President before becoming a Lion. Now as a District Leo Chairperson, he works diligently to build strong relationships between Leos and Lions. On the panel, he is excited to continue the development of young Leos and Lions and share his experiences with other panelists. Email Hasitha

Leo Ranjit Bhagat

Nepal – Leo Ranjit credits Leos to making him a better leader and giving him the experience of service. On the panel, he’s looking forward to working on teams, develop his skills and take interesting projects on. Email Ranjit

Constitutional Area VII

Lion Toni Lanphier

Australia – Lion Toni became a Lion and Leo club advisor when a club was formed at the school she was working 20 years ago. Since then, she has moved up to a district, state and multiple district Leo chairperson. She is passionate about the opportunities that Leo membership offers young people and is excited to be a part of the future of the Leo club program. Email Toni

Leo Isaac Parker

Australia – Leo Isaac has built a strong network of Leos in CA 7 through organizing and attending a number of district, state and national conventions in Australia. As a panelist, he is excited to be part of the voice of Leos and share feedback from his area with the wider organization. Email Isaac

Lion Kellie Bryan

Australia – Lion Kellie began her Lions journey as a Leo and is now giving back to the program as a Leo Advisor, District Leo Chairperson and also a parent of two current Leos! On the panel, she is looking forward to furthering Leo development in her constitutional area and sharing her own experiences with the group. Email Kellie

Leo Davin Tania

Indonesia – Leo Davin credits being a Leo to improving his leadership skills and allowed him to meet new friends. He is looking forward to promoting Leos more as a panelist and help support the generation of Leos to become future Lions. Email Davin

Constitutional Area VIII

Lion Bright Tembo

Zambia – Lion Bright has always enjoyed working with young people and seeing the innovation that comes from Leo members. As a panelist, he is excited to reach a wider platform and contribute more to the organization. Email Bright

Leo Prince Justin Kakolo Silupya

Zambia – Leo Prince says being a Leo has helped him develop skills in presenting and articulating issues and problem solving. As a panelist, he is excited to interact with people from different backgrounds and see the Leo movement around the world. Email Prince

Leo-Lion Wilson T. Chadzamira

Membership Experience Committee Co-Chair
Zimbabwe – Leo-Lion Wilson is a charismatic representative of Lions International, joining Leos in 2002 and becoming a Leo-Lion in 2018. Describing “Leos as a lifestyle,” his experience from serving in his community and working with others has shaped him into a better person and leader. On the panel, he is looking forward to creating resources and relationships with other panelist and members of CA 8. Email Wilson

Leo Olajide R Ogunsola

Nigeria – Leo Olajide credits being a Leo as helping him become a responsible member of his community. He is looking forward to uniting with his fellow panelist to take the Leo Club Program to the next height. Together, he says, “we can serve better.” Email Olajide