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Hunger Grant Program

There are nearly one billion people across the world that experience food insecurity. No one can truly understand the devastating physical and emotional impact of hunger unless they experience it. Through the LCIF Hunger Grant Program, Lions can support school based feeding programs, food banks, feeding centers, and similar facilities that provide food to people when they need it most. 

Our Strategy


Grants are available to Lions districts in amounts of US$10,000 to US$100,000.  Hunger Grants support infrastructure and equipment acquisition of Lions’ projects focused on alleviating hunger.  Funds can be used for a project’s capital needs and select project operational expenses during the start-up period.  



Typical project expenses may include:

  • Construction or expansion of food banks, feeding centers, and food storage facilities
  • Construction or expansion of kitchen or dining facilities as part of a school based feeding program
  • Purchase of refrigerators and freezers to store perishable food items
  • Kitchen equipment such as stoves and ovens
  • Furniture such as chairs and tables for dining rooms and feeding centers
  • Vehicles to transport, collect, and deliver food

Application and Deadline

The applications for Hunger Grants are due no later than 90 days prior to the start of the Board of Trustees meetings, which take place in January, May, and August.

You Can Feed the World

Battling hunger is a huge undertaking. It will require the effort of everyone, everywhere—and all Lions. To begin making a difference, you can make a donation today.