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Improving Club Quality

Effective clubs provide meaningful service, maintain a strong and active membership and continually develop new leaders. The tools below focus on these elements to help your club function effectively while meeting the needs of your community and your members.



Link to Your Club, Your Way!


Your Club, Your Way!

The Your Club, Your Way! Guide will help you customize your club meetings to better suit the needs and lifestyles of your club members. It includes a simple, fun exercise to help determine which elements of your meeting to keep and what to change, as well as a process for phasing in change!

To request copies of the Your Club, Your Way!, please contact us by email or phone (630) 468-7084.


Plan for your club's success


Plan for Your Club’s Success

Use this planning guide and powerpoint to discover your club’s strengths, ways to improve and new opportunities that will help your club grow and thrive! Planning forms help develop a vision, assess your club’s needs and organize your plan for successful implementation.      

For questions and inquiries, please contact us at or phone (630) 468-6890.

Club Quality Initiative


Club Quality Initiative

Club Quality Initiative is a strategic planning tool to help clubs identify opportunities for improvement. Change is critical for each club. By understanding our current operation, identifying areas that may be improved and taking measured steps to accomplish our goals, every club can be even better!

Upon completing the Club Quality Initiative, submit the Final Report and Feedback Form.

To request copies of the Club Quality Initiative, please contact us by email or phone (630) 468-6810.


Club Excellence Award Pin


Club Excellence Award

Is your club striving to finish the year with a net growth in membership? Will your club participate in at least three service projects? Are you promoting your club's events or activities to the community? if you answered yes to these questions, you may be eligible for the Club Excellence Award.

The Club Excellence Award is more than is proof that your club is STRONG!

For questions, inquiries or to submit your Club Excellence Award Application you may contact us by email or by phone (630) 468-6828.

Make achieving the award a winning tradition!


But Wait, There's More!

As an officer or a Lion who would like to do more for your club, there are many resources available to support you and your own personal leadership development!