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Club Excellence Award
Roadmap to success

Club Excellence Award

The Club Excellence Award is the ideal way to set your club on the path to continued success while gaining prestige for excelling in the areas of membership, service, leadership and organizational excellence, and marketing.

Upon receiving the award, a banner patch and pin will be awarded to your club president. But more importantly, your club’s membership will be revitalized, your service impact will grow and your members will see greater leadership opportunities.

Application process


Use the qualifications outlined in the Club Excellence Award Application as your road map to excellence.

Applications must be signed by the current district governor. If sent from the district governor’s email, it qualifies as signature on application submitted electronically.

Download application (2022-23)

2022-2023 Applications Due by: August 31, 2023 

Send to:

2022-2023 Awards mailed to: 2023-2024 District Governor

For questions, inquiries or to submit your Club Excellence Award Application you may contact us by email or phone (630) 468-6828.


Award qualifications


To qualify for the Club Excellence Award, clubs must meet specific requirements in four categories: Membership, Service, Leadership & Organizational Excellence, and Marketing.

*See below for additional requirements

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  • Maintained club membership count (closed the year with the same number of members as the start of the year or have a positive membership growth)


  • Chartered a new Lions club, Leo club or Club Branch in the current fiscal year
Tools for success
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  • Contributed to LCIF
  • Started a new service project Consider on of our Global Causes!
  • List Three service activities your club participated in that were reported in MyLion or your regional reporting system
Tools for success
Professional presenting to group.

Leadership & Organizational Excellence

  • Club is in good standing (not in status quo or financial suspension: district dues paid and no unpaid balance with LCI greater than US$50 outstanding 90 days or more.
  • Reported club officers to LCI
  • Key officers participate in club officer training 
Tools for success
Achieving Club Excellence Webinar – This webinar discusses the road to excellence and how it can be fun! Strategies are reviewed that can help bring a club back to life and make a strong club even better.


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  • The club has published its service activities through local media and social media.  
Tools for success
Brand resources are available to help you craft promotions as well as best practices on how to use social media.