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Leo club advisor training


The Leo Club Advisor Training and Orientation is designed to provide Leo club advisors with a clearer understanding of the Leo Club Program and their role as an advisor. The training includes five modules that cover important tools and resources to help Leo club advisors serve effectively and confidently. District and multiple district Leo chairs can use these resources to train advisors as a group, or advisors can review the content independently. The modules may be used together or individually, based on the needs of the trainer or advisor.

Module 1: Leo Club Program overview

This module introduces participants to the history, rationale, structure and global statistics of the Leo Club Program.


Module 2: The role of the Leo club advisor

This module provides participants with a basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Leo club advisor. Participants will also devise personal strategies for serving as effective advisors and promoting positive youth development.


Module 3: Leo club administration

In this module, participants will review the key administrative aspects of Leo clubs including fees, bank accounts, elections, reporting, meetings and important dates.


Module 4: Leo Club Program resources from Lions Clubs International

In this module, participants will learn about resources and tools available from Lions Clubs International to support Leo club advisors.


Module 5: Continuing the Leo to Lion Service Journey

A training for Leo club advisors and chairpersons on the different Lions membership paths Leos can utilize.


Full-length Leo club advisor training and orientation

Download the entire full-length training and orientation presentation.   


Additional resources

Leo club advisors should also become familiar with the following webpages to provide support to their Leo clubs:

About Leos: General information page about the Leo Club Program with links to grants, trainings and resources.
Leo club leadership: Overview of the Leo club officer roles and resources.
Leo awards and recognitions: Information about awards for Leo members and clubs.
Leo to Lion Transition Best Practices Guide: A supplemental guide to the Module 5: Continuing the Leo to Lion Service Journey PowerPoint that includes additional information and best practices to support Leos as they continue their service journey as Lions club members.
Beyond Leos online learning course: A brief course available in the Lions Learning Center to learn about the Leo-Lion membership program, club types that may be attractive to Young Lions and helpful resource links to support an easy transition for Leos to Lions membership.