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Managing your Zone and Region

The Zone and Region Chairperson Center makes it easy to access information that is relevant to zone and region chairpersons. The following resources are available:

Region & Zone Chairpersons: Global Membership Approach & Resources Webpage: Defining the Global Membership Approach as a membership initiative to support growth in clubs, zones and regions.

Zone Meeting PowerPoint: A PowerPoint template designed to help guide your zone meetings.


Support for Zone and Region Chairpersons
Zone and Region Chairpersons – Global Membership Approach

Prepare for an Engaging Club Visit

Zone and Region Chairperson Award

The award is more than recognition for your effort… it is designed to help everyone succeed.

By following the steps outlined in the award criteria, you will become more aware of the programs available, help your clubs achieve their goals and participate in activities that will advance your own skills as a Lion leader.  

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