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Welcome to the Young Lions hub

Young Lions are dynamic members of our organization, ages 40 and younger, who bring new perspectives and leadership skills to our service, meeting the needs of diverse communities around the world. Whether you're a Young Lion already, looking to explore membership options or find ways to support and collaborate with Young Lions, you'll find helpful links and resources.

Achieve big things as a Young Lion


Young Lions are serving, leading and changing the lives of millions of people in need. That's why it's so important that you serve. Read on to learn about the many membership and club options available to Young Lions and explore resources to help guide and support.

So many ways to Lion


There are a variety of ways to serve that can meet your lifestyle and service interests. Check out the Young Lions Membership Guide and explore the links below to see how you can Lion your way.

Student members

If you are 30 or younger and enrolled in school, the Student Member Program may be right for you. When you join as a student member, you’ll get discounted dues and additional fee waivers.

Campus clubs

As a Young Lion, the Campus Lions club experience offers you an opportunity to serve your school and surrounding communities while gaining leadership skills and building your resume. Check out all the Campus club options available to you.

More options

Explore the Club and Membership Types page to learn more about family membership, Lions club branches, specialty clubs and  other options that can meet your needs and service interests.

Your Leo to Young Lion journey


If you’re a Leo looking to continue your service, the Leo-Lion program is a great membership option with lots of benefits, and it’s easy to transfer your membership from Leo to Leo-Lion. Explore the eligibility requirements, membership options and everything else you need to know on the Leo-Lion Program webpage.

Learn more about Leo-Lions

Maximize your Leo-Lion experience


There are so many special benefits that come with being a Leo-Lion, including scholarships, leadership opportunities, online learning courses and more. Visit the Leo-Lion webpage to see all the benefits and resources available for Leo-Lions, and meet the Leo-Lion liaisons who are representing you on our Lions Clubs International Board.

Explore Leo-Lion benefits

Supporting Young Lions


Understanding how to better connect with young people who are looking to join, as well as those who are already serving in our organization, is essential to fulfilling our mission of service, both today and tomorrow. Find helpful tips and considerations to increase collaboration in the Connecting to Young Lions Guide and the Leo to Lion Transition Best Practices Guide.

The Young Lions Membership Guide is a great resource to learn about the many membership and club options available for Young Lions.

Explore Young Lions membership types

Contact us

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