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Young Lions

Fresh perspectives, energized clubs

Since the beginning of our organization, each generation of Young Lion members has provided new perspectives and innovative solutions to address our world’s most dire service needs. 

Are you a Young Lion?

Young Lions are dynamic members of our organization, approximately ages 40 and younger, who bring fresh perspectives and leadership skills to our clubs and communities.

Lions Clubs International offers a wide variety of programs and club options designed to fit Young Lions' service interests and provide leadership development training and networking opportunities.

Read our Young Lions membership guide to learn about the options we have for you!

Ready for the next generation?

To understand how best to meet the diverse service needs of our communities, we must first come to realize our potential when we unite our talents and perspectives in multi-generational clubs. You can find helpful tips and considerations for bringing new, Young Lions into your club in our Connecting to Young Lions Guide.

Young Lions Programs

There are a variety of membership and club types for Young Lions to choose from. Learn more about these two popular programs.

Leo-Lion Membership

A program that offers eligible current and former Leos an opportunity to continue their service as Lions members. More information.

Campus Lions Club

Created for Young Lions who are looking for a way to keep serving while attending school. More information.