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Lions Advocacy Toolkit

Lions listen to the needs of their communities and are voices to create change. Advocacy is a new way you can serve to further the mission of Lions Clubs International, Lions Clubs International Foundation, and the causes you care about. You can participate in advocacy by using your voice—through community awareness and education, legislation and public policy, events and partnerships. As community leaders, Lions and Leos can speak for those who need to be heard in front of those who need to hear them. 

Country-Level Advocacy


Learn how to conduct advocacy in your country. Resources for additional countries will be added soon, so be sure to check back.

United States advocacy

Learn how public policy works in the United States from key congressional roles to how a bill becomes a law. Discover key tips on working with policy makers to influence legislation and public policy. Act by setting up a productive meeting or writing a letter to your State Representative using the How To guides. Raise your voice for your community!

Contact your congressperson

You can make your voice heard by requesting that congress cosponsor H.R. 1840/S.14, which calls for expanded access to diabetes self-management training (DSMT) through Medicare, and changes the way DSMT is delivered.

Utilize resources from Lions International’s official partner, the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) for advice on how to advocate in the U.S.


Global Cause Advocacy


Learn about advocacy for Lions International’s global causes: diabetes, vision, childhood cancer, the environment and hunger. Resources for additional causes will be added soon, so be sure to check back.

Understanding and responding to your community’s needs

Discover how you can advocate to serve your community with the Club and Community Needs Assessment (CCNA). Act by hosting a community educational event serving the global cause you care about — get started by downloading one of the Service Project Planners listed below. These events help educate the key stakeholders in your community that can make a difference at a local and national level.

Diabetes Advocacy Toolkit in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

This joint advocacy initiative between Lions International and IDF will encourage the development of community environments that inspire and support a healthy lifestyle; increase access to diabetes care, medication, and diagnostic equipment; and increase coordination and support in the implementation of national diabetes policies and plans. Additional resources will be added soon so be sure to check back.

Diabetes is a condition that requires lifelong management. Without universal healthcare, people with diabetes can face catastrophic health expenditures and impoverishment as a result of the medical expenses incurred to manage their condition effectively to avoid or delay complications. Learn how you can help!

Learn More at   Calculate Your Diabetes Expenditure

Discover diabetes facts and statistics, and find contact information for IDF partner organizations in your constitutional area!

Diabetes Fact Sheets

Learn more about non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Officially launched in November 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) Knowledge Action Portal (KAP) is an innovative tool that gives users a range of NCD-related resources, campaigns, news, events, and more. To date, the KAP has collected over 1,500 NCD resources and engaged individuals from 160 countries, establishing itself as a community-driven platform for NCD information, interaction, and inspiration.

Visit the Portal


Creating Partnerships


Many voices are more effective than one. Use these tools to help find partners in your community to amplify your message and make a difference.

Developing Local Partnerships   Club Locator


Celebrate & Share


Let everyone know that your club is advocating!

  • Take photos of Lions and Leos in action
  • Use #LionsAdvocate hashtag on social media
  • Share photos of your club’s advocacy work on your club's Facebook or Twitter accounts, including the above hashtag. We'll be looking for your post to share on the official Lions International social media channels!

Learn more about reporting

Don't forget to report your activities on MyLion®, using the “Awareness, Education and Advocacy” project type. 

Why Report Service?


Advocacy Calendar


March 4-6, 2020: India Advocacy Day, Delhi, India

March 7, 2020: Lions Day with the United Nations, New York, USA

September 14-16, 2020: Lions Hill Day, Washington, DC

October 24, 2020: Lions Day with the United Nations, Vienna, Austria

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