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Zone and Region Chairperson Awards

As a zone or region chairperson, you hold an essential role and have a tremendous opportunity to help the clubs in your area advance their service, increase membership and achieve their goals. The Presidential Award for Zone and Region Chairpersons was developed to support your efforts!

The award is more than recognition for your effort — it is designed to help everyone succeed.

Application process


By following the steps outlined in the award criteria, you will become more aware of the programs available, help your clubs achieve their goals and participate in activities that will advance your own skills as a Lion leader.

Applications must be signed by the current district governor. If sent from the district governor’s email, it qualifies as signature on application submitted electronically.

2022-2023 Applications Due by: August 31, 2023

Send to: or fax to (630) 468-6828

2022-2023 Awards mailed to: 2023-2024 District Governor

For questions, inquiries or to submit your Zone/Region Chairperson Award Application you may contact us by email or phone (630) 468-6776.


Timing is everything


The requirements for the Zone and Region Chairperson Awards are scheduled in a way that optimizes the resources mentioned below. Make your plans early and achieve the requirements as suggested throughout the year so everyday counts!

Club Excellence Award

First 90 days


The below is suggested to be completed within 90 days of the International Convention or as specified by your District Constitution & By-Laws.

  • Confirm that each club has at least three viable and meaningful service projects planned for the year. 
  • Promote the Club Excellence Award and the tools available to support strong clubs.

Throughout the year

  • Encourage every club to actively recruit members.
  • Visit a regular meeting of each club in the zone and report findings and suggestions for future actions to the district governor.
  • Host three “District Governor Advisory Committee Meetings” (zone meeting).
  • Promote attendance to district (sub- and multiple-) and the International Convention during the zone meeting, via email or during your personal visit. 
  • Promote Leadership Development courses on to all club members during the zone meeting, via email or during your personal visit. 
Tools for success


Before the end of the year

  • Meet with your successor to share information related to the status of the zone and plans for future actions. 
  • Complete either the Zone Chairperson Training or the Certified Guiding Lion Training during 2021-22 or 2022-23 fiscal years. 
  • Hosted a successful Zone Meeting 
Tools for success
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At the end of the fiscal year

  • Ensure that all clubs are in active status and that each club in the zone properly elected club officers and they been fully reported to LCI.
  • A minimum of 25% of the clubs in the zone qualify for the Club Excellence Award.
Tools for success