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Leo FAQs

How do I organize a Leo club?

Lions can have a positive influence on today’s youth through the Leo Club Program. Learn more about starting a new Leo club.

What are the costs involved in Leo club sponsorship?

Lions club sponsors must pay a one-time Leo club organization fee of US$100.00. This fee covers a Certificate of Organization, a Leo club officer kit, a Leo club sponsor kit and Leo lapel pins for each charter member.

Additionally, Lions clubs must pay an annual US$100.00 Leo club levy for each Leo club they sponsor to cover the administrative costs of the Leo Club Program. This levy is billed to the sponsoring Lions club account each July. The levy is waived for the fiscal year in which the Leo club is certified. Learn more about Leo Club Program fees.

How do Leo clubs receive their certification?

Following the organization of the new Leo club and election of club officers, the president of the sponsoring Lions club must submit a completed Leo Club Organization Report (Leo-51) to the Leo Club Program Department. The new club’s official certification date is the date that this report is reviewed and approved at headquarters. The chartering process may take up to 4-6 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Are there age limits for Leos?

Yes. Leo club members must be between the ages of 12 and 30. Within this age range, Alpha Leo clubs are designed for young people between 12 and 18 years of age. This track focuses on the individual and social development of teens and preteens. Omega Leo clubs are tailored for young adults between 18 and 30 years of age. This track focuses on the personal and professional development of young adults.

What is a Leo club advisor?

Sponsoring Lions clubs appoint a member of their club to serve as an advisor for the Leo club. This individual should be someone who enjoys working with youth. Learn more about the responsibilities of the Leo club advisor.

Can more than one individual serve as a Leo club advisor?

Yes. Often, school-based Leo clubs are required to have a faculty member as an advisor. If the faculty member is not a Lion from the sponsoring Lions club, a Lion co-advisor should be selected to maintain close rapport with the Lions club on an ongoing basis.

Can more than one Lions club sponsor a Leo club?

Yes, two or more Lions clubs may jointly sponsor a single Leo club. The Lions club sponsors will have equal representation on the Leo advisory committee. One Lions club sponsor should be designated to serve as the permanent liaison with International Headquarters concerning Leo club billings and administration. There is no limit to the number of Leo clubs that a single Lions club can sponsor.

Can Lions clubs pay Leo fees and levies from their activity account?

Yes. Leo clubs are an official Lions club activity. Therefore, Leo fees and levies can be paid from the Lions club’s activity and/or administrative account. Likewise, either account may fund the administrative expenses of the Leo club.

Can Leo clubs pay their own fees and levies?

Indirectly. A sponsoring Lions club is responsible for all fees and levies relating to its Leo club(s). However, some Leo clubs repay their sponsoring Lions clubs for these expenses.

Can Leos order supplies from headquarters?

As a sponsored activity of a Lions club, a Leo club does not have an account with the association. Leo club purchases can be billed to the account of the Lions club sponsor if authorization is given by the Lions club president, secretary and/or treasurer. Visit the Lions Clubs Supplies Store to learn more about ordering supplies and payment options.

How do I access MyLCI for my Leo club?

MyLCI for Leos is accessible to current Leo club officers and sponsoring Lions club officers. Each year, the sponsoring Lions club president or secretary must report a Leo club advisor either online via MyLCI or using the Leo-72 report form. The sponsoring Lions club should provide a unique email address for the Leo club advisor and Leo club president to allow these officers access to MyLCI. The email address is used for member identification and cannot be the same as another email address in our records.

Upon appointment, the Leo club advisor and Leo club president will receive MyLCI login instructions via email.

Do Leos have to submit monthly membership reports?

Leo club secretaries can submit monthly membership reports via MyLCI, the online reporting system. Leo membership reporting is optional.

How do Leos report service activities to international headquarters?

Leo club presidents, secretaries and advisors have the ability to submit service activity reports online via MyLion. Visit the Lions Service Reporting page for helpful tools and resources on how to report or to ask questions to our Lions help desk. The Young Lions and Leos Department does not accept service activity reports via email.

What awards are available for Leos?

Leadership, service, membership and extension awards are available for Leos and Leo clubs. For a complete list of Leo awards, see the Awards and Recognition section. In addition, there are Leo awards available for purchase through the online Lions Clubs Supplies Store.

What are Leo districts and multiple districts?

When there are six or more officially certified Leo clubs in a Lions district, the district governor can approve the formation of a Leo district. When there are ten or more Leo clubs with more than 100 Leo members in a Lions multiple district, the council of governors may approve the formation of a Leo multiple district. Learn more about Leo districts and multiple districts.

Can Leo clubs be placed on "status quo"?

No. Status quo does not apply to Leo clubs. If a Leo club becomes inactive, the Lions club sponsor can choose to continue its sponsorship in anticipation of eventual reorganization or cancel the Leo club. The Leo club retains its active status until the headquarters office receives the Leo Club Termination Form (Leo-86) from the sponsoring Lions club.

What happens to a Leos club when its Leons club sponsor is placed on status quo or is cancelled?

A Leo club is not immediately affected when its sponsor Lions club is placed on status quo. If the sponsor Lions club is subsequently canceled, the Leo club is granted a 180-day “grace” period to find a new Lions club sponsor, before the Leo club is canceled as well. If a new sponsor is not identified within the 180-day period, the Leo club will be canceled.

How is Leo club sponsorship transferred?

Leo club sponsorship may be transferred from one Lions club to another. To do so, the current sponsoring Lions club officers must submit a letter to the Leo Club Program Department rescinding sponsorship of the Leo club. The new sponsoring Lions club officers must submit a letter accepting sponsorship of the Leo club and the subsequent financial responsibility. The new sponsoring Lions club must be in Good Standing and within the same Lions district of the original sponsoring Lions club.

Are Leo club members and volunteers covered under the Association's Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Program?

Yes. The policy names Leo club members as insured.  The policy covers injuries sustained by third parties as well as damage to property owned by third parties to a limit of US$1 million per occurrence if the Leo club is held legally responsible. Please refer to the Lions Clubs International Liability Program (LA3) for complete information.

Can the Leo emblem appear on articles sold to the public or other Lions?

As with Lions clubs, districts and multiple districts, Leo clubs, districts and multiple districts may need to seek approval when using the Lions and Leo trademarks. Please refer to the Lions Clubs International Trademark Policies for complete information.