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Home Hunger


Hunger is a problem without borders. We’re offering grants, programs and initiatives to help Lions make huge strides in providing meals and nutrition for those in need—in hopes that one day no child will ever have to live without knowing when their next meal will come. 


Global Statistics


1 in 9 people is (are) chronically hungry.

Chances of food insecurity ~10% higher for women.

At least 50% of children under age 5 have hidden hunger--lack of essential nutrients.

2 billion people lack regular access to nutritious and sufficient food.

25% of children are stunted due to lack of nutritious food.

Sources: World Health Organization, WhyHunger, UNICEF, United Nations


Hunger Grant

LCIF offers grants to Lions districts in amounts from US$10,000 to US$100,000. The goal of the LCIF Hunger Pilot Grant Program is to help Lions support school based feeding programs, food banks, feeding centers, and similar facilities that provide food to people when they need it most.

You Can Feed the World

Defeating hunger is a huge undertaking. It will require the effort of everyone, everywhere—and all Lions. To begin making a difference, you can make a donation today.