Help those around the world who need assistance finding safety and security by donating to
LCIF's Refugees and Displaced Persons Fund. See how we are supporting Ukraine.

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LCIF Celebrates Donors

When you make a donation to LCIF’s Empowering Service Fund, you are helping countless people around the world. Without the generous donations of donors worldwide, LCIF would be unable to provide the incredible level of support that empowers the service of Lions everywhere. LCIF honors, thanks, and recognizes our donors who have donated or pledged for investing in a world in need and the future of LCIF.*

*Donor names are from 7/1/2017. Donor names are listed in alpha order by District Number.

You Can Help, Too!

Giving is, yet, another way to serve. Your decision to donate to LCIF is a decision to help a community in need. We thank you—and so does the world!