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3 quick steps, a world of good

To get started, log in to your own Facebook account and then search for LCIF’s Facebook page. Once there, click Fundraisers on the left menu.

Fundraiser Menu

Then, click +Raise Money.

Raise money

Step 1: complete the basics
After clicking on Fundraisers, a form with four fields appears. Complete all four. When asked Who are you raising money for?, search for and select Lions Clubs International Foundation (if the field isn’t already populated for you). Complete (or adjust prepopulated content in) the remaining three fields. Then click Next.

Then Click Next

Step 2: tell your story
Fill in the title of your Facebook fundraiser and tell why you’re raising money. Good news…this information may be filled in already, but you can change it to be more personal if you like. Then click Next.

Tell Your Story

Step 3: choose a photo
Use the scroll bar on the right side of the box that appears to find suggested photos, and click on one you like. Hit Create, and your LCIF Facebook fundraiser will be visible to your Facebook network!

Pick a cover