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Club Officers Team

You hold a unique position to empower your club and guide it to success during your term. 

To ensure your success, here are some helpful tools and resources for you. 

Standard Club Structure provides organizational guidance for your club in planning and implementation of all of its goals, providing needed community service and building great friendships in your club.

Standard Club Constitution & By-Laws – Provides key club responsibilities, policies, guidelines and other helpful information to guide your club. This document may be amended and customized to meet your club’s needs.

Plan for Your Club’s Success: Success starts with a vision! Use this planning guide and PowerPoint to discover your clubs strengths, ways to improve and new opportunities that will help your club grow and thrive!  Planning forms help develop a vision, assess your club’s needs and organize your plan for a successful implementation.  

Club Excellence Award: Clubs that excel in membership growth, community service, organizational management and communication and may qualify for the prestigious Excellence Award. 

There are webpage created for each club officer to assist in getting to the resources that will help you be successful in your unique club leadership position.

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