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Lions from around the world fight for better diabetes relief. We run initiatives and programs to improve the lives of those living with diabetes and helping others from developing type two diabetes.

Global Statistics


We’re helping educate the world on the need for diabetes research, programs and initiatives. Our goal is to reduce these statistics in the coming years through service, investment, and kindness.

422 million+ people are living with diabetes

5 million deaths each year are a result of Diabetes

8th leading cause of death in the world

1 in 3 low income regions say they have the technology to diagnose and manage diabetes

Statistics from the World Health Organization

Diabetes Grant Application

Lions around the world are making diabetes relief a focus of their service. To help achieve the best possible outcomes, we’ve enhanced our grants to assist with large-scale or affiliate projects.

LCIF and World Diabetes Foundation

Together with the World Diabetes Foundation we create global and local partnerships that assist people with diabetes and those at risk for the disease.

Partners in Prevention

The project “Promote Early Prevention and Better Management of Diabetes Complications” is a comprehensive diabetes and diabetic retinopathy care project reaching six regions in the southeastern European country of Georgia.

Make a Difference in Diabetes

We’re calling on all Lions to help us take on diabetes. You can make a difference today by making a donation.