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FVDG/DGE Training Program

The First Vice District Governors/District Governors-Elect (FVDGs/DGEs) Training Program is an intensive year long training program designed to equip FVDGs/DGEs with the knowledge, vision and skills necessary to strengthen and build Lions Clubs International. It is organized as a comprehensive training path beginning in August with online assignments in the Lions Learning Center, and culminating in June, with a full day of the latest news from LCI/LCIF and motivational messages. 

Please see the FVDG/DGE Program Overview for a view of the entire FVDG/DGE Training Program.

Below you will find detailed information pertaining to the FVDG/DGE Virtual Seminar and the International Convention.

Days 1-3: Virtual Seminar

Who: FVDG/DGE only

Seminar dates: April - June 2021


Virtual Seminar Tips

The 2021 Virtual FVDG/DGE Seminar (Days 1-3) is a blended training program designed to deliver the in-person training you would have received in February at the Q Center, through a combination of special presentations, live virtual classroom sessions with your group leader and independent assignments.

Day 4: Virtual

Who: DGE and spouse/companion

Seminar date: Friday, June 25, 2021


Day 4 of the FVDG/DGE Seminar will take place during the 2021 Virtual International Convention. DGEs and their spouse or companion will enjoy a series of general sessions with the latest news from LCI/LCIF and inspiring messages from Lions and guests.

Day 4: Virtual


LCICon Convention Website

If you have questions regarding Registration, please contact: 

Online assignments


FVDG/DGE will be provided online assignments to be completed prior to attending Days 1-3 and Day 4. The courses will be automatically assigned as they become available in the Lions Learning Center (LLC). Click the button below to access the Lions Learning Center through your Lion Account. Click here for Lions Account Access instructions. Email for support.

Lions Learning Center

Contact information


For questions please use the contact information below.

Registration/Hotel Arrangements | +1 630-468-7016 |
Travel/Flight Arrangements | +1 630-468-7052 |
Travel Reimbursement | +1 630-468-6846 |
Seminar Program Content | +1 630-468-6857 |
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