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Family Membership Program FAQ

How Does The Family Membership Dues Program Work?

The first family member (head of household) pays full international dues (US$43), and up to four additional family members pay only half the international dues (US$21.50). All family members pay the one-time entrance (US$35) fee.

Can a Life Member be Part of a Family Unit?

Yes. When certifying a family unit, the Life Member should be listed as the head of household.

Can Young Children be Part of a Family Unit?

Formal membership is limited to individuals who are above the age of majority. Clubs are encouraged to allow children to volunteer in age appropriate activities and sponsor a Leo club.

How Does my Family Get Certified as a Family Unit?

The club secretary must complete the Family Unit Certification Form and submit it with the Monthly Membership Report (MMR), or  submit the certification on MYLCI. Complete certification for charter members on the Report of Charter Members form. Recertification is only necessary when there is a change of address or membership status.

How do I Drop a Family Member or Family Unit?

To drop a family member from the club roster, the member will first need to be removed from the family unit. View the MyLCI Family Units video segment for further information.