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Youth Camps and Exchange Sponsor Lions Clubs

The Sponsor Lions Clubs are the resource for exchange youth to have a close working relationship with their district or multiple district YCE Chairperson. If a Sponsor Club does not have a district or multiple district YCE Chairperson, a Club President will be required to sign for the Exchange Youth along with the district governor, and to work directly with the YCE Chairpersons in the host countries of interest to make all arrangements. The following are general responsibilities for the Sponsor:

  • Ensuring that the YCE policy is followed;
  • Ensuring compliance with local laws governing youth protection;
  • Verifying the exchange youth have sufficient accident, life, personal property, health and liability insurance to cover all contingencies during travel to and from their host country; 
  • Recruiting, screening and selecting qualified exchange youth;
  • Help Exchange Youth use the YCE Directory to find their desired programs;
  • Conduct an orientation session for outgoing exchange youth;
  • Assist exchange youth with travel arrangements;
  • Potentially provide assistance with or full financing for exchange youth travel costs including air fares, insurance, airport service fees, customs duties and any layover or overnight costs in route;
  • Maintaining communications between the exchange youth, host Lions club, host family and YCE Chairperson.

You can learn more about the roles and expectations of a YCE Sponsor Club by checking out the YCE Sponsor Club Handbook!

How to Become a Sponsor Club!

  • Write a press release about the YCE program requesting youth who are interested in the YCE program to contact your club; and
  • Contact local schools and universities, especially the foreign language or international studies departments, with information about the YCE program to recruit young people.

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